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Efficient lubricant loading at Shell

July 2014 Mass Measurement

Shell required a new loading bay for bulk finished products, mainly hydraulic and engine oils. The main objectives in constructing the new bay were to increase loading efficiency and move away from traditional ‘top loading’ of the tankers to the more safety-conscious ‘bottom loading’ method.

The solution

Endress+Hauser suggested using 10 Promass 83F Coriolis mass flow meters with a Profibus DP communication network. By using the Profibus system, a wealth of additional application information is made available, such as density and temperature data, and cabling and I/O requirements are significantly reduced. As Shell load tankers by volume (litres), density is a key factor as it changes with temperature. Promass Coriolis meters were installed as they offer accurate and reliable density measurement and feature a self-monitoring ‘health check’ for optimum performance. What’s more, the flowmeters are secure and tamper-proof and account for all product transfers from the storage tanks, allowing seamless integration into Shell’s inventory control system.

The benefits

The main benefit of Shell’s new loading system is that it supports driver initiated loading. This meets the increased efficiency objective, as drivers no longer have to wait for manual link-up to the pumps. The driver simply enters a load number into a computer panel and order details are automatically requested. The driver’s load number is then validated and the details are sent for automatic loading e.g. load quantity and lubricant grade etc. This automatic loading cuts out manual involvement and therefore increases process security as incorrect operation is eliminated – the pumps will not dispense if the information is not valid. Furthermore, time and money is saved as driver initiated loading streamlines the number of steps involved by 50 percent.

Shell Lubricant Centre at Stanlow in Ellesmere Port produces a wide range of lubricants such as motor oil, aviation turbine oil, cutting fluids and soluble oil. Worldwide, Shell supplies and distributes more than 700 grades of lubricant and 1500 brand packs, to a multitude of customers, from local garages and farmers to large industrial plants.

Chris Turner, Shell Lubricant’s E&I engineer commented: “Driver initiated loading has proved a real benefit all round. All the data provided by the Profibus network, such as diagnostic information, has helped us maintain smooth operation and system integrity and the Promass flowmeters are low maintenance, accurate, secure and user-friendly.”

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