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Levelflex FMP57

June 2014 Level Measurement & Control

Levelflex FMP57 is the sensor for the highest demands in bulk solids and best suited for measurements in silos, bunkers or stockpiles. Providing rope probes up to a length of 45 m, FMP57 is also suited to measurements in high bulk solids silos.

The Levelflex is a ‘downward-looking’ measuring system that functions according to the ToF method (ToF = Time of Flight). The distance from the reference point to the product surface is measured. High-frequency pulses are injected to a probe and pulses are reflected by the product surface, received by the electronic evaluation unit and converted into level information. This method is also known as TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry).

Guided radar pulse measurement is suited to both bulk solids (rope probes) and liquids (rod and coaxial probes). The surface condition of the medium is of minor importance due to the safe guidance of the reflected waves. Different angled surfaces or outflow funnels, as they occur in bulk solids, do not influence measurement. Reliable measurement is also safeguarded in turbulent liquid surfaces or foam formation.

The Levelflex FMP57 uses the innovative and intelligent HistoROM data management concept and the Multi-Echo Tracking system for more reliable echo evaluation by the echo signal curve.

HistoROM for data backup of instrument settings and measured values

HistoROM stores the parameters of an instrument during commissioning. If similar measuring points are commissioned, the display serves as a data carrier like a USB stick. After commissioning of the instrument, the final parameter settings can be transferred to the display memory. In this way, the display serves as a backup. If parameters are accidentally or intentionally set at the display during operation, this data is automatically changed in HistoROM. If, subsequently, the original status is to be recovered, the settings stored in the display may be transferred via the ‘Restore’ function. HistoROM stores all parameter settings and transfers the data automatically to the electronics and the instrument restarts automatically.

Multi-Echo tracking

Reliable measurement through self-learning echo-search algorithms taking into account the short and long-term history in order to check the found echoes for plausibility and to suppress interference echoes.

Innovative Multi-Echo Tracking offers the solution. All of the echo signals are marked and traced, not only the level signal. Thanks to new evaluation, the signal is also acquired if it is below the suppression – this guarantees safe and precise measurement at any time e.g. also if the tank contains sources of interference.

Benefits at a glance:

* Measurement independent of the medium surface.

* Measurement independent of obstructions and vessel layout in dusty atmospheres.

* Measurement in dusty atmospheres.

* Measurement in high and narrow silos.

* Intelligent data management.

* Factory pre-calibrated to probe length.

* Quick, intuitive, menu-guided commissioning.

* Simple integration into control or asset management systems.

* Exact instrument and process diagnosis to assist fast decisions.

The Levelflex FMP57 is a premium device for level measurement in bulk solids with a tensile load limit of rope probes up to 30 kN and measuring range up to 45 m. It is used in various bulk silos as the standard level measurement device.

For more information contact Jan Gerritsen, Endress+Hauser, +27 (0)11 262 8000, info@za.endress.com, www.za.endress.com


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