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Eliminate difficulties associated with differential pressure systems

June 2014 Pressure Measurement & Control

Differential pressure (dp) measurement is widely used to measure level in pressurised and vacuum tanks. However, traditional dp measurement using impulse lines and capillaries has its drawbacks in terms of accuracy and total cost of ownership.

Put an end to incorrect measurements: The problems often encountered with conventional dp systems that use impulse lines include clogging, icing, leaks and condensation. Even those dp systems that use oil-filled capillaries face issues in applications with changing ambient temperatures. Electronic dp Deltabar FMD71 and FMD72 eliminate these problems – you not only benefit from precise measured values but also increased reliability and safety in your process.

Proven sensor technology for reliable, safe and cost-effective measurement: Endress+Hauser’s new electronic dp system, consisting of one transmitter with two sensors, offers proven pressure sensor technology in a new and innovative manner. The transmitter calculates the differential pressure from both sensors and transmits the level, volume or mass via 4-20 mA/HART as a standard 2-wire loop-powered device. This increases reliability and safety and reduces costs.

Modular design for minimal downtime: The system’s modular design ensures that repair costs and downtime are drastically reduced. Individual components can be replaced separately, significantly reducing maintenance costs and ensuring maximum plant availability. It’s also easy to retrofit the FMD71 and FMD72 into existing mechanical systems, using the same transmitter mounting position.

Simultaneous top pressure measurement: Additional measurement parameters are available via HART, enabling users to improve process control. Besides dp and level it is also possible to get the process pressure information as well as the sensor temperature. This valuable information can not only help with maintenance but also improves safety, for example, by avoiding overpressure.

The best sensor for the application

Endress+Hauser’s electronic dp systems allow users to select the ideal process connections, housing and measuring cells based on application needs. The Ceraphire ceramic cell (FMD71) is vacuum-resistant and best suited to corrosive and abrasive media. Based on capacitive sensor technology, the cell offers additional safety with its self-monitoring function. The silicon cell on the FMD72 offers fast-acting temperature compensation for consistently accurate measurement – even in applications with rapidly changing temperatures.

Increased process safety in the oil and gas, chemical and food and beverage industries

Safety risks are minimised with the new electronic dp system architecture and design:

* Elimination of tubing and connection leaks often encountered in traditional systems.

* Elimination of line condensation or evaporation events (dry/wet leg inconsistencies) and plugging events.

* Fully vacuum resistant Ceraphire® ceramic cells with the highest overload protection.

* Reliability: New electronic dp system eliminates traditional mechanical issues resulting in greater measurement accuracy, process availability and reliability.

* Safety: Safety risks are minimised with the new electronic dp system architecture and design.

* Cost-effectiveness: Low total cost of ownership due to reduced installation time, maintenance, downtime and spare requirements.

For more information contact Natlee Chetty, Endress+Hauser, +27 (0)11) 262 8000,,


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