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New thermal cameras and IR pyrometers from unitemp

May 2014 Temperature Measurement

Recently, unitemp extended its temperature monitoring capability by incorporating two new ranges of thermal cameras and infrared pyrometers into its product portfolio.

The new stationary thermal cameras by Jenoptik have higher spatial and thermal resolutions for accurate measurement and visualisation of heat distribution. They are ideal for fixed point monitoring and alarming of smelters, kilns, conveyor belts and other critical processes.

The portable pyrometers from Keller are able to perform quick checks with high accuracy at all distances. They are excellent for spot checks in difficult to measure solid and molten metal applications.

Keller’s stationary pyrometers have superior optical properties, precision lenses, a wide measuring range and high temperature resolution. These are suited for fixed point, precise measurement in extreme temperature ranges, from sintering and molten metal to asphalt mixing.

Temperature monitoring in industrial processes is a critical issue. More often than not, a carefully selected infrared measurement solution is required to suit the application. unitemp’s existing range of thermal cameras by testo offers excellent preventative maintenance through the visualisation of temperature differences and patterns within an image.

Contact Chris Tomanek for further information on unitemp’s range of thermal cameras and IR pyrometers: +27 (0)21 762 8995, sales@unitemp.com, www.unitemp.com

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