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Promass E 200 from Endress+Hauser

May 2014 Mass Measurement

Users of mechanical sensors such as positive displacement meters or turbines for flow metering applications understand the disadvantages of these: moving parts cause drift over time and they are subject to wear and therefore require frequent maintenance in order to avoid the risk of breakdown – even the filters require periodic attention.

Endress+Hauser can assist without influencing process availability. The solution is to use counters with no moving parts, offering better performance and reduced total cost of ownership. The Promass E 200 Coriolis flowmeter is a two-wire loop powered (4-20 mA HART) device that offers seamless mechanical, electrical and digital integration to existing sites, providing an excellent solution to process modernisation.

This meter simultaneously measures mass, volume, density and temperature without the need to combine several device technologies. Measuring volume or direct mass, the device offers linear accuracy and high repeatability. Hydraulic losses are reduced and the high resonance frequency offers immunity to process vibrations. The detection of build-up increases process reliability.

Designed according to SIL IEC61508, the Promass E 200 is suitable for SIL2 or SIL3 safety applications. Intrinsically safe or explosion-proof options meet the major hazardous area application requirements (ATEX, IEC, CSA, NEPSI, TIIS) for the chemical, oil & gas, and life sciences industries.

Commissioning and maintenance

The new standardised HMI makes commissioning easy. Plain text messages are displayed in a choice of language, a method that will be used in all future Endress+Hauser instrumentation. With insignificant drift over time, the Coriolis technology requires much fewer calibrations and is subject to considerably less troubleshooting than other devices. The Promass E 200 includes event management functionalities that allow fast and secure interventions and the embedded HistoROM ensures automatic data backup, avoiding the need to set up after exchanging the electronics.

Benefits include:

* Better process performance.

* Increased process and personnel safety.

* Reduced maintenance and cost of ownership.

* Reliable device and process diagnostics.

For more information contact Frans van den Berg, Endress+Hauser, +27 (0)11 262 8000,,


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