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RuggedCom’s application processing module

May 2013 Industrial Computer Hardware

In today’s world of automation on utility and industrial sites, two components have become key. The first is the communications network, consisting of routers, switches and often serial device servers. The second is computers to run automation and monitoring software. For this industrial market, RuggedCom has released its latest innovation – the RuggedAPE (application processing module).

The RuggedAPE is a utility grade computing platform module designed to be inserted into the new Layer 3 switch multi-service platforms produced by RuggedCom, the RX1500 range. These Layer 3 switches combine switching, routing, serial device servers and security into a single hardware device. The RuggedAPE plugs directly into any member of the RX1500 family and enables customers to load and execute security and software applications directly on an RX1500 device. From substation gateways, remote analytics and firewalls, to monitoring and control applications, the RuggedAPE provides the computing power and reliability for mission critical applications.

Application features:

* Embedded design allows direct access to the RX1500 line module interfaces reducing the inventory of cables, devices and ports to manage as there are less hardware devices to interconnect.

* Modular for easy deployment and reduced maintenance. If a single module fails, it can quickly be replaced without the need to replace the entire unit.

* Utility grade specifications for reliability and reduced outages.

* Rack mount and DIN rail form factors available to fit specific application requirements.

* Windows Embedded and most Linux2 distributions are supported.

The RX1500 APE is designed to RuggedRated specifications which provide a high level of immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electrical surges. With an operating temperature range of -40° to +70°C and no moving parts (fans etc), the APE can operate reliably in most harsh environments. The RuggedAPE, along with the RX1500 family, offers a perfect combination of communications technology and computing power.

For any further information on the RuggedAPE, RX1500 family, or any of RuggedCom’s utility, military and industrial grade Ethernet hardware please contact H3iSquared.


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