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Guide to infrared thermometers

October 2012 Temperature Measurement

Raytek (now a Fluke company) has been supplying the southern African market with portable and on-line IR thermometers for over 15 years. One of the first portable units in the country, they are still available today in the familiar grey and black colours. Recently, the new ST61 range was introduced to co-exist alongside the Fluke products.

After time, temperature is the second most measured physical quantity. In production as well as in quality control and maintenance, temperature is an important determinant of product quality and equipment condition.

Advantages of infrared thermometers

* Fast response time (ms range), user gets more information per time period.

* Measure objects that move, rotate or vibrate.

* Measure high temperatures up to 3000°C reliably.

* No mechanical damage or contamination of the surface.

* No influence of objects with high thermal-conductivity where object temperature would change on contact.

* Measure actual product manufacture instead of another part of the process.


* The object must be viewable by direct line-of-sight.

* The optics of infrared thermometers need to be protected against dust and condensation.

* In general, IR thermometers measure only surface temperatures and the ability to emit thermal radiation depends on the type of material and especially on the surface finish.


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