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New belt rip detection system

October 2012 Sensors & Transducers

Becker Electronics has enhanced its BRS 1 belt rip detection system with the launch of the newly developed BRS 2. “This system is designed to increase the productivity of conveyor belts by detecting belt rips as soon as they occur,” says Tiaan Tromp, Becker Mining South Africa. “The BRS 2 system, which is used to detect longitudinal rips on steel cable and fibre conveyor belts, prevents further damage to the belt by stopping the drives in the event of a rip.”

Inductive loops, which are selected according to belt width and rubber type, are encapsulated in a rubber flap and embedded into the belt. The BRS 2 detects these inductive loops and defines and numbers them, creating its own image of the belt and its loops in real-time.

At installation, the system carries out an identification run and the processor of the belt rip detection system unit stores the necessary data. Parameters include the succession of loops in the belt, belt speed and start up time of conveyors. Stored values are protected against power loss and can be entered or changed when necessary.

When the belt is in operation, these loops pass over the transmitter and receiver which are positioned opposite each other on either side of the belt. An electro-magnetic signal is transmitted via the inductance loop from the transmitter into the receiver. Because this system has recorded the distance between successive loops and belt velocity, it can automatically calculate the time intervals between each loop.

The belt rip sensor that is embedded in the belt operates like a bridge between transmitter and receiver of the scanner sensor interface (BRS/SI). If a belt is ripped, the BRS/SI cannot measure any analogue values from the destroyed loop. Apart from the detection of belt rips, this system is designed for monitoring belt speed, the detection of belt slip and also for belt sequence control.

Access and monitoring of the system is simple, either locally via the TFT screen, five shortcut buttons, a mouse pad and virtual keypad, or remotely via TCP/IP or Modbus.

This advanced belt rip detection system is designed for use in diverse industries, including manufacturing, food and beverage conveying, packaging and mining applications.

For more information contact Tiaan Tromp, Becker Mining South Africa, +27 (0)11 801 5900,,

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