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Integrated liners for the mining industry

June 2024 Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Multotec has developed a range of composite integrated mill liners in response to the needs of local and international mining clients. The solution not only showcases the company’s advanced technical expertise, but also its ability to design MultoComposite integrated liners according to a customer’s plant needs, specifications and mill operating parameters, through its highly skilled technical and product development teams.

Samuel Hearn, global sales director at Multotec explains that this solution was developed specifically for mines operating large mills over eight metres in diameter that typically used steel mill liners. “Many mining operations that operate large steel mills are now looking to switch over to composite rubber liners such as the MultoComposite integrated liners, which have the same application as traditional steel liners and can thus be used across mines in milling circuits,” he says.

Optimum efficiency

The milling circuit is the second comminution stage after crushing. Mills operate at their optimum efficiency if the mill liners are designed for the operating parameters of the plant. Multotec’s MultoComposite integrated liners are far more cost effective, and lighter to handle. The liner profiles can be uniquely designed to the specification of a specific mill. In addition, the MultoComposite integrated liners reduce installation time, meaning that shutdown periods are shorter.

“The solution was designed in response to the needs of a South African platinum mine that was experiencing challenges with its integrated liner. We modified and improved the previous design, which reduced the wear rate and simplified the installation,” says Hearn. “One of the biggest benefits was the saving on installation time, which we managed to cut in half. Reduced downtime means that a mine can be up and running quicker and continue to generate profits.”

Software simulation

He adds that Multotec uses state-of-the-art software to run simulations that predict the efficiency and life of mill liners. The company’s comminution specialist and product development manager conduct audits on a mill’s historical operating parameters. They then audit the parameters, design the liners, and use the software to simulate and improve the customer’s efficiency and the life of the MultoComposite integrated liners.

Armando Figueiredo, product development manager at Multotec, says its technical team not only develops innovative designs, but also continuously improves processes and efficiencies to meet customer specifications. “Our facilities are continuously being developed and extended to improve the production rate of the MultoComposite integrated liners. We have recently installed a new high-pressure moulding press, and are in the process of installing another new press, with yet another on order,” he says.

Global applications

Figueiredo notes that the uptake of Multotec’s integrated liners has been significant, with the company supplying clients in South Africa, the DRC, Turkey and North America, among others. The company recently designed, manufactured to tolerance and delivered a full set of MultoComposite integrated liners in record time to Turkey.

“We currently have two full-time installation teams that travel to clients around the world and do mill liner installations. We also provide condition monitoring services via our patented Hawkeye software that incorporates a 3D scanner and produces a detailed report highlighting the efficiency of the mill. Hawkeye predicts when the liners start becoming inefficient, and foresees the shutdown date. This programme enables us to perform predictive maintenance, meaning that clients’ stock levels can be decreased by as much as 60%,” he says.

Figueiredo notes that Multotec is continuously looking at improving the life and efficiency of mill liners based on their mill operating history, and strives to provide a better solution with every liner replacement.

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