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Flexible strip light for industrial applications

June 2024 Industrial Wireless

Turck Banner’s new WLF12 Pro enables users to install strip lights on curved surfaces or anywhere a slim, low-profile indicator light is needed on industrial equipment. Machine status is easily communicated to people working nearby due to the light’s multicolour capabilities and advanced animations.

Unlike other flexible strip lights on the market, there is no need to spend time soldering wires to connect the light into a system. The WLF12 Pro simplifies the installation process by leveraging robust, plug-and-play, industry-standard M12 connectors. Whether bending around the corner of an automated guided vehicle (AGV) or being installed along the aluminium extrusion on a packaging machine, the WLF12 Pro is available in five standard housing lengths ranging from 300 to 2000 mm, letting it adapt to many applications. The WLF12 Pro can even be cut to custom lengths in 50 mm increments to more closely fit application requirements.

Durability and longevity are enhanced by the flexible silicone encapsulation found on the WLF12 Pro. This feature protects the light while maintaining the flexible design, and enables the light to achieve IP66, IP67 and IP69K ratings. Users can mount the WLF12 Pro quickly and securely by using the high-strength adhesive backing on the light. Should mechanical attachment be required, translucent mounting straps can be easily added.

Step into the visual factory

The WLF12 Pro can communicate a variety of machine states to people working on or near equipment by controlling both the colour and animation of the LEDs. The RGB LEDs may be configured to show one of 19 available colours and animation effects including flash, scroll, intensity sweep and single-end flash, along with many more. Most industrial users will choose to add the LC25 LED Controller for operation via discrete I/O or IO-Link. When discrete I/O is used, Banner’s free and easy-to-use Pro Editor software is used to configure the colours and animations. IO-Link models allow for dynamic control, reacting to commands from an IO-Link Master. They have additional capabilities that discrete units do not. The WLF12 strip light is also compatible with the Arduino open-source electronics platform and Raspberry Pi devices.

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