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Flow measurement transmitters with IO-link interface

May 2024 Flow Measurement & Control

Senseca, renowned for its innovative solid technology in flow measurement instrumentation, has introduced the enhanced OMNIPLUS range of transmitters that feature an intelligent IO-Link interface. The OMNIPLUS range now provides a powerful combination with a wide range of flow sensors. These can be used in a variety of applications, both in small machines and systems, and in large automation systems.

“Unique to Senseca, these transmitters are particularly suited to oil flow measurement applications, and include a new electronic head, while accommodating pressure ratings up to 500 bar,” said Jan Grobler, Senseca South Africa’s managing director.

The transmitters are protected by a stainless housing with a front panel made of scratch-resistant mineral glass. They are particularly robust devices and are waterproof. As well as being fully compatible with the analogue world, the OMNIPLUS offers convenient access to Industry 4.0 solutions via the standardised IO-Link interface. They give a high-resolution graphic 3 cm LCD display (128 x 64 pixels), with white backlighting and red alarm messages.

The IO-Link specifications include 10-Link V1.1, bit rate COM2 (38 400 bits/s), a minimum cycle time of 20 ms, SIO Mode, Port class A compatibility, block parameterisation, and data storage.

Their digital communications support intelligent condition monitoring such as:

• Readout of measured values.

• Readout of other process parameters.

• Configuring of the device.

The five-pole M12x1 connector simultaneously outputs signals, thereby providing connections for the analogue world: 4-20 mA or 0-10 V (configurable on the device), and two limit switches (each alternatively usable as frequency output).

“The OMNIPLUS-RRI/RRH encompasses the proven paddle-wheel principle, and these paddle-wheel flow sensors have now been extended across certain models. Our OMNIPLUS-VHZ can now digitally measure oil flow rates in hydraulic systems and transmit them to a higher-level control system via IO-Link if required. The OMNIPLUS-VHSX has applications over a wide range of viscous media, and supports machine builders and plant operators in monitoring flow rates such as hydraulic systems at pressures of up to 350 bar,” said Grobler.

“Senseca has definitely pulled out all of the stops in their enhancement of the OMNIPLUS range of transmitters, ensuring a perfect flow and a perfect measurement transmitter for all industries.”


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