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April 2024 Industrial Wireless

When it comes to product design, engineering and development, SKF has always opted for a multi-faceted approach. Alongside product quality and reliability, the latest advanced technologies, simplicity and user friendliness are primary considerations.

Ticking all these boxes is the new SKF Axios. This is a simple, scalable, cost-effective and cloud-based end-to-end predictive maintenance solution for rotating equipment, from SKF and Amazon Web Services (AWS). “It is possible to explain what SKF Axios does in one sentence,” says SKF Connected Technologies manager, John Storm. “In a nutshell, this innovative automated equipment monitoring system trends users’ machine data, detects anomalies around the clock, and sends alerts when action is required.”

As the system is always on, it can be considered as the first line of defence, safeguarding users’ machinery. As SKF Axios is always by the user’s side, critical information is available at the click of a button. Condition monitoring data and alerts can be accessed on any smart device, and there are

specially-developed apps that provide users with instant access to data and to receive notifications on anomalies.

SKF Axios applies fully automated wireless technology for three-axis vibration and temperature data collection. Once the wireless sensors collect data from a wide range of machinery, the data is analysed, and notifications on the health of machinery are provided. Gateways transfer the data to the Cloud via Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection.

When abnormal machine conditions or anomalies are detected, the system alerts users, who are then able to make more informed decisions and proactively respond with the necessary maintenance. Addressing issues that can potentially cause machine failures avoids all the associated disagreeable factors centred around cost-related downtime and production halts before they occur. Users can then realise significant across-the-board savings and improved productivity.

AWS Cloud Services uses machine learning to analyse data. With historical trend data as the basis for machine learning, the more data the system collects, the smarter the machine learning becomes, and the more accurate machine anomaly detection becomes. “SKF Axios is constantly evolving,” says Storm.

Another key feature of SKF Axios is the system’s simplicity. It is ready to install and use, working right out of the box, with no technical expertise or vibration experience needed.

The mainstay is its scalability. Users can start small and scale up to match their needs and budget. Many sensors can be added, even at different points in time, and these will automatically connect to the closest gateway. Unlimited gateways can also be added to the network.

SKF Axios is ideal for a wide diversity of industries including food processing, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical and utilities, keeping users one step ahead for ultimate peace of mind.


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