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Level sensing, conveyor control and grid resistors

February 2024 Editor's Choice Level Measurement & Control

DRH Components is a specialist electric component and systems supplier with a focus on the control of electric motors. As part of its wide variety of products, the company markets the entire Bindicator range. At the forefront in bulk measurement, Bindicator manufactures sensors for dry bulk and liquid level measurement. DRH is the official sub-Saharan Africa distributor. The distributorship region includes South Africa and the SADC countries.

Owner, Rob Hare says that he and his staff have an intimate knowledge of the products on offer and their applications, and extensive experience in the industry. This core competency is supported by a large inventory and outstanding customer service, which is focused on understanding customer needs, and selecting and supporting products for the control of electric motors in any industry. DRH Components is totally committed to supplying the highest quality electronic components and providing good service at competitive prices.

The Bindicator range

Bindicator is a specialist in bulk level measurement and a full service supplier of point and continuous level sensors for industrial applications. Its bin level indicators are responsible for preventing overflow spills, controlling surge bins, detecting plugged chutes and providing on/off control of pumps and conveyors in the dry bulk industry.

Bindicator point level measurement products are on/off devices with relay or switch outputs. Point level sensors indicate when material in a vessel is present or absent at a specific point. Continuous level measurement products monitor the level of material in a vessel continuously as it rises and falls. Both contact and non-contact level sensors are available. A variety of outputs are available, in addition to technologies such as guided wave radar, cable and weight, through-air radar, and ultrasonic.

The range of point and continuous level measurement products includes the Roto-Bin-Dicator PRO paddlewheel and the VRFII Series capacitance probe. These durable, simple devices require little to no maintenance, and are easy to install and set up. Other products in the range include the TDR2000 guided wave radar, the Yo-Yo Series cable and weight bin level sensor, and the MP Series through-air radar sensor. The range is designed for ease of installation and calibration, and the level instruments can be customised to meet the most challenging customer applications.

Also in the range

DRH Components also offers punched grid resistors for heavy-duty applications, and has introduced a range of conveyor safety equipment. This includes the SRS conveyor cable pull switch to trip the conveyor, and other necessary process equipment in the event of an emergency; the SRT conveyor alignment switch to provide an alarm and trip contact in the event that the conveyor belt is not correctly positioned on the return roller; and the SRR conveyor rip switch that detects a rip, tear or protrusion through a conveyor belt.

Other products on offer include:

• The ED4000 speed switch/monitor, which uses optocoupler and microprocessor technology to measure rotational speed accurately.

• Klaxon signalling devices such as beacons, sirens, hooters and horns.

• Earth fault relays, labelled NL75, previously known as JCB60 as offered by Eaton Corporation, are available with all the feature-enhancing accessories.

• Weighing sensors and systems from Kistler-Morse. This company designs and manufactures bolt-on and load cell-type weighing sensors that turn vessels into scales, to provide total weighing solutions for bulk and in-process applications. It also provides controllers to create a full weighing system.

• Flow meters for liquid, gas and steam applications from Niagara Meters.

For more information contact DRH Components, +27 12 991 2119, sales@drhcomponents.co.za, www.drhcomponents.co.za


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