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February 2024 Editor's Choice

When great minds come together, great things happen, especially when like-minded companies are united in their passion for their brand, their love for measurement technology, and their mission to describe our complex world in precise, unchallengeable facts and data. Honsberg, Greisinger, Martens, Val.Co and Delta OHM have joined forces under Senseca to expand their research, development and manufacturing operations globally. This has resulted in state-of-the art flow, level, environmental and portable measurement instrumentation that is suitable for applications throughout industry.

Senseca South Africa managing director, Jan Grobler says: “Senseca is a pioneer in measurement technology and instrumentation. This reformulation of brands into one makes Senseca incredibly agile in its response to customer needs and market trends. Our data measurement devices are often the preferred choice due to their high accuracy and quality, particularly within the environmental and fluid level measurement sectors. The Senseca range of devices will meet any measurement and data requirements, either through its standard range or by customisation to meet a customer’s specific needs.”

Flow sensor

The OMNIPLUS-F is one of the fastest, most powerful and versatile calorimetric flow sensors available, due to the special arrangement of sensors that have been developed to combine with optimised software algorithms. New features such as the integrated IO-link, and newly designed screen that offers clearly displayed real-time data readings, make this device unique. It finds application in industries such as water, oil, mining, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage.

The integrated IO-Link interface enables the digital transfer of all measurements and other sensor data and the complete parameterisation of the sensor, so it can be integrated into larger sensor networks. There is a solution for practically every installation situation and Industry 4.0 application. With three measurement variables in a single device, intuitive operation and IO-Link functionality, the device is highly versatile.

Multichannel sensor-controller

The recently announced MULTICON is a multi-channel controller that integrates up to six sensors into a system or plant. It offers automatic sensor detection and Ethernet connectivity via the PROFINET protocol, ensuring a digital communication platform from field up to PLC level. This ensures the digital transmission of process, diagnostic and identification data to the control and automation system in an integrated IIoT solution for service and QM management.

“The MULTICON offers a simple and efficient integration of analysis sensors, with a centralised operation and configuration. It also allows the sensor’s calibration, and can be used as a field or control panel device. It is the only device in this size with PROFINET protocol,” he adds.

Digital transmitter

PHIX is a digital transmitter that is mounted on pH or redox electrodes and converts a high-impedance, measurement into a digital, interference-free value. The connection is done independently of the manufacturer, with standard VarioPin or coaxial connectors. PHIX offers a guided one- or two-point calibration, with storage of the last five calibration results.

The MULTICON and PHIX combination is particularly suited to fresh water monitoring and water treatment systems such as reverse osmosis and ion exchange systems; ultra-pure water applications; sea/black water treatment on ships; and leachate landfills.

Handheld meter/data logger

The PRO 111/PRO 115 handheld meter/data logger for Pt100 four-wire probes and the PRO 131/PRO 135 data logger for thermocouple probes are also new from the Senseca portfolio, with enhanced features and a redesign. “Both these devices now give a higher quality graphic display, making the data more visible due to the backlit dot matrix/clear text display. The data logging storage capacity goes up to one million data points. These high-precision instruments are suitable for temperature measurement across all industries. They are robust and ergonomically designed for both one-handed and benchtop use,” Grobler explains.

The PRO 111/PRO 115 data loggers are high-class professional handheld meters for four-wire Pt100 probes. Any four-wire Pt100 standard probe can be connected, provided it is equipped with a M12 connector. It has a high-precision temperature-compensated analogue front-end meter. The device incorporates sophisticated polynomial sensor linearisation to provide all relevant possibilities for calibration and adjustments.

Both the PRO 131 and PRO 135 models are dual-channel professional handheld meters for thermocouple probes. Any K, J, T, N, R, S, B and E standard thermocouple probe can be connected. With configurable surface correction factors, they can be set for use in combination with Senseca contact probes for enhanced measuring accuracy. The PRO 135 also has a data logging capability.

The models also offer HOLD and REL options. If two probes are connected, the instrument will calculate and show the difference between the measurement of the two channels. Both the four-wire models and the thermocouple instruments offer acoustic alarms with selectable thresholds and optional hysteresis; statistical functions of Min, Avg and Max; long battery life; and external power via USB.

Grobler says that the redesign of the devices has enabled Senseca to improve functionality, accuracy and reliability, while still offering pinpoint precision. They are manufactured to the highest of European standards. “We at Senseca South Africa are proud of the role and impact that our precision measurement instrumentation provides to industry. We can customise our devices to meet specific customer requests, which is often required in hi-tech specialised environments. Senseca’s ability to keep abreast of the requirements and trends in the instrumentation market enables us to deliver solutions that meet these challenges. This is what makes us a global leader in this field,” he concludes.

For more information contact Senseca South Africa, +27 11 902 0158, jan.grobler@senseca.com, www.senseca.com

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