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VEGA expands radar portfolio for factory automation

August 2023 Editor's Choice Level Measurement & Control

VEGA is known worldwide for ensuring safe and stable processes with its level and pressure sensors, even under the most difficult conditions. The world market leader is now putting the finishing touches to its radar level portfolio, especially to meet the demands of fast processes in factory automation. The new VEGAPULS 42 is making radar compact, communicative, and even more convenient to use.

As the world market leader with decades of radar experience, VEGA is now making an entry into factory automation. VEGAPULS 42 meets the special requirements of the industry, which above all include perfect measuring results, even when it comes to levels in small tanks or clocked filling processes. The sensor is equipped with everything needed for hygiene-sensitive manufacturing processes, especially where food and pharmaceutical products are involved. This is more efficient and resource-saving in today’s highly competitive global environment. Its switching frequency enables high cycle rates and correspondingly fast level changes: Its flexible connection options range from standard threads to the universal connection for its 2,5 cm hygienic adapter. When delivered, it is immediately ready for operation, and in the three-wire version there is communication with IO-Link. In concrete terms this means that VEGAPULS 42 is a successful combination of simple adjustment, versatile connections and hygienic design that automatically comes with suitable process fittings and all-important approvals.

Automation grows closer together with radar technology

As a non-contact measuring technology, radar brings numerous advantages to the clocked processes in the food and pharmaceutical industries that other measuring solutions cannot deliver, for example filling. The need for this is great, because reliable measured values are becoming increasingly important for efficient plant operation and optimal process control. With IO-Link, VEGAPULS 42 not only communicates universally, but can also be hooked up very quickly and inexpensively via a simple three-wire connection. A sensor can also be replaced quickly because the second-generation Smart Sensor profile writes parameters that were previously set directly into the new instrument. With the VEGA Tools app, VEGAPULS 42 can be easily controlled and adjusted via a smartphone with Bluetooth.

Double certainty through visualisation

With VEGAPULS 42, plant operators can see at a glance if the process is running as desired, or if there’s a problem. An illuminated ring that changes colour allows the sensor to be read from all directions, and even from a distance. Product manager, Marvin Moser is convinced that “this introduces even more security on site, because it not only gives operators quick certainty about the current sensor status, it’s actually also a second way for them to check the status of the process”.

With VEGAPULS 42, VEGA expands its sensor portfolio for factory automation and thus offers an optimal performance spectrum for all level, switching and pressure applications. The all-inclusive range of instrumentation from a single source makes everything easier – including the setup and operation of the most varied and complex processes. Intuitive and standardised, it makes work easier and saves training time. This simplicity results in more efficiency and reduces effort and costs.

Innovative measurement technology

Production processes are becoming ever more complex, and it is important that the measurement technology used to control and monitor these processes is understandable and intuitive. VEGA’s innovative measurement technology makes this simple. It is easy to install and operate, and provides maximum security and reliability.

The company is active in more than 80 countries, with a globe-spanning network of subsidiaries and distributors. It employs over 2100 people worldwide, 1000 of whom work at its headquarters at Schiltach in the Black Forest in Germany.

For more than 60 years the company has been providing solutions to demanding measuring tasks in a very wide range of applications. These include chemical and pharmaceutical plants, food and beverage manufacturers, drinking water supply and sewage treatment plants, landfills, mining operations, power generation, oil platforms, recycling, shipping and aerospace industries. The company has all the necessary certificates and approvals for worldwide application. This applies to both the technical safety and to the quality of all products and services.


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