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Microwave blocked chute detector

April 2023 Level Measurement & Control

The Wadeco microwave sensor is a level switch consisting of a receiver and transmitter installed face to face. The transmitter transmits a microwave signal toward the receiver and an output relay in the receiver is released when the beam is obstructed. Harsh environments may result in a buildup of contaminants on the sensing surfaces, however the microwave signal easily penetrates this buildup due to the high penetrability of microwaves, allowing easy detection of blockages in chutes, bins and silos.

Features include:

• Easily penetrates buildup on the sensor heads.

• The sensors are not affected by surface contaminants such as flames, steam, dust, vapours or airborne particles.

• Installation is easy due to the wide beam angle of the microwave signal.

• Detection mode can be selected for either the broken beam (blocked) or unbroken beam (unblocked) detection modes.

• A sensing range of up to 100 metres can be achieved with the sensing head of 27 mm in diameter.

• A sensitivity pot and delay timer allow for easily filtering out false blockage conditions.

• It is enclosure rated at IP65.

Wadeco also supplies the unit with the world’s first block chute detector and solids flow detector in one unit. This allows the system to detect the presence of flowing product, and offers a flow/no flow output. This can then work together with the block chute detector.


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