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5-port solenoid valves

February 2023 Valves, Actuators & Pump Control

When selecting a 5-port solenoid valve for your application, there are many options to choose from and factors to consider. These include:

• Pilot operated or direct operated.

• Flow rate required.

• Energy consumption.

• Type of connectors.

• Body ported or base mounted.

Pilot operated or direct operated valves

Pilot operated valves have a minimum operating pressure as they require air pressure to help the valve switch when the coil is energised. The valve will not switch unless the minimum pressure requirements are met. These valves can typically work in around 90% of existing applications.

Direct operated valves do not require a minimum pressure for the valve to operate. The coil is strong enough to get the spool to change position without external assistance. These valves are typically used in applications where there is low pressure or if vacuum is being switched.

Flow rates

Valve technology is improving all the time and it is important to understand the flow rates required by your application. In most cases, modern valves have improved to the degree where you are now able to go down a valve size and still achieve similar, if not improved, flow rates compared to older types of valves. This leads to savings in cost as well as space.

Energy consumption

Production costs are ever-increasing and SMC is always looking for new ways of improving efficiencies and providing greener solutions. One area of focus is energy consumption. Valves with SMC’s energy saving circuits consume just 0,1 W of power. This shows the impact that changing to newer, greener technologies can have on your business.

Types of connectors

Valves come with a wide variety of electrical connections. These give you the flexibility to choose the correct connection technology that best suits your application. These include:

• DIN terminals.

• Grommet lead wires.

• Plug connectors.

• M8 connectors.

Body ported or base mounted

The positioning is influenced by the required flow rate and the space constraints of the application. Typically, base mounted valves offer bigger ports together with higher flow rates. Body ported valves are more suited to compact applications where space is tight.


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