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Programmable multicolour indicator beacons

January 2023 Operator Interfaces, Switches & Relays

Turck Banner recently launched the K100 Pro series of multicolour beacons for advanced applications used for process visualisation or outdoor indication. The bright, programmable 100 mm beacon is available in two configurations: ‘Daylight Visible’ and ‘Indicator’, both of which provide distinct, customisable indication.

The K100 Pro Daylight Visible beacon offers bright indication in indoor and outdoor environments. Its clear lens provides clear indication, even in sunlight, avoiding false indications. The unique, water-shedding lens design, combined with rugged, versatile construction, makes for years of uninterrupted operation. Suitable for most outdoor applications, this model has an IP66 environmental rating for harsh environments. It features three colour options (green, yellow and red) for status indication, operator guidance and more.

The K100 Pro Indicator beacon has a diffused lens that appears white when off, thereby preventing false indication. It features 14 different colour options that can be used for status and indication applications. With an IP66 rating for rugged environments, this model is rated as dust-tight, and made to withstand powerful jets of water. Additionally, it is suitable for most indoor applications, while an industry-standard M12 connection enables easy installation.

For the K100 Pro range, optional built-in audible alarming does not require a separate device. With Pro Editor software, the Daylight Visible and Indicator (DC) models have 12 selectable audible tone options to choose from. Customisation of tones allows for full control of audible capability, including frequencies, patterns and intensities. More audible capability means more ways to promote efficiency of machines and processes. Both models have adjustable audible intensity control from 93-101 dB.

Pro Editor lets users program the aforementioned models with a variety of device alarms, colours and animations. The intuitive interface makes it easy to configure a beacon for a wide range of applications such as displaying machine warm-up time, indicating unique steps in an assembly process, showing distance information, and communicating multiple machine states.


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