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January 2023 Level Measurement & Control

New from Val.Co is the Simple R1-M.B77 adjustable level control switch for the monitoring of liquids in both industrial and civil environments.

Jan Grobler, managing director of GHM Messtechnik South Africa, said, “The Simple R1-M.B77 from Val.Co offers the customer a unique feature inasmuch as the rod, which comes in lengths of either 1 m or 500 mm, can be shortened to the appropriate length to suit the purpose. This level switch is brand new to the South African market, extremely competitively priced and suitable for a variety of level applications.”

The operational principle is based on the drive of a micro-switch (which is located in the head of the instrument) as a result of the hydrostatic thrust which is exerted by the liquid on the float. The absence of moving parts ensures ruggedness and reduces the need for maintenance.

With an adjustable switching point and closed cell float, the instrument also offers a 3 A single-pole double-throw (SPDT) micro-switch as well as a single-pole single-throw (STST) option. It has an ambient operating temperature of -30°C to 55°C with a 90% relative humidity. Easily mounted, threaded or flanged, it has an NBR (oil resistant rubber) flat sealing gasket while offering a minimum degree of protection of IP65. It comes with a DIN 43650-A plug.

“I see great interest in this recently launched adjustable level switch, across a wide section of industrial, domestic and agricultural applications where water/liquid level monitoring is crucial. The customer is going to benefit immensely from its innovative design. Additionally, it is available in nylon and fibreglass (Model R1-M) or stainless steel/brass (Model R1) versions,” concluded Grobler.


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