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Adding value in a Heartbeat

July 2023 Data Acquisition & Telemetry

Endress+Hauser offers the widest range of measuring devices equipped with a built-in diagnostic, verification and monitoring function, called Heartbeat Technology. This provides reliable, in-depth device and process insights that enable operations to be improved.

How do I know if something is wrong in my process? How can I avoid process interruptions? Are there field devices which help me to keep operations safe and let me know if maintenance is needed? Whether asked by plant operators, service technicians or quality managers, convincing answers to all these questions are provided by the functionality of Heartbeat Technology itself, which enables maximum plant performance and productivity.

Professionals in various industries are continuously challenged to maintain high productivity, while at the same time keeping their operating and maintenance costs low. In addition, legal requirements must be complied with, while product quality and safe operation are to be ensured. Consequently, the requirements placed on plant instrumentation are steadily increasing. This is why Endress+Hauser has implemented Heartbeat Technology into numerous measuring devices across the product portfolio for flow, level, pressure and temperature measurement, as well as for liquid and gas analysis.

Heartbeat Technology supports plant operators with advanced functions for diagnostics, verification and monitoring. These enable both permanent monitoring of the measuring device’s functionality as well as providing a deeper insight into the prevailing process conditions. Unwanted anomalies can thus be detected reliably, and countermeasures initiated in time. Heartbeat Technology provides many benefits to users: enhanced measuring reliability and safety, higher efficiency in operation, productivity gains and compliance, and fewer unplanned shutdowns.

Heartbeat Diagnostics – Getting the right information at the right time Measuring devices with permanent and extensive self-monitoring capabilities foster a high degree of confidence regarding reliable performance. This is exactly what Heartbeat Diagnostics is about: thorough diagnostic coverage with clearly understandable diagnostic messages in the event of a device error or upset process conditions.

All diagnostic information is categorised in a uniform and standardised manner according to NAMUR NE 107, i.e., Diagnostics active/Failure/Function check/Out of specification/Maintenance required. For each diagnostic event, a brief description and necessary countermeasures are displayed. This enables plant operators to quickly and efficiently restore the measuring point to its intended state. Heartbeat Diagnostics thereby increases the measuring reliability and retains required safety levels longer due to continuous best-in-class diagnostic coverage (up to 97%) and device development according to IEC 61508.

Heartbeat Verification – improved efficiency in production and maintenance

With the implemented Heartbeat Verification, the measuring device’s functionality can be evaluated at any time at the push of a button – in situ and cost-efficiently without any need for external tooling or process interruption. The verification not only involves checking if the device components still comply with their original reference values, but also indicates the presence of specific systemic faults which could have a negative impact on the device’s or process’ performance, for example corrosion, abrasion or build-up.

Heartbeat Verification provides a clear verification result: ‘Passed’ or ‘Failed.’ All verification details are available in the comprehensive report, which helps to reduce documentation and audit efforts. Compliance is achieved as the verification concept is third-party attested and traceable according to ISO 9001. It also enables optimisation of calibration and proof test cycles with minimal effort and without device removal, thereby reducing the risk of introducing systemic faults.

Heartbeat Monitoring – deeper insights into process and device conditions

The measuring performance of a device is expected to be very stable over time, provided it is operated within its intended range of use, as process conditions will have a minimal influence on the sensor components. However, for particularly challenging process conditions, some impact may prevail which could influence the performance and reliability of a device. Examples of such events are corrosion or abrasion of the sensor’s wetted parts, the occurrence of foam in a tank or build-up on the sensor’s surface. These events will influence the physical responses of the sensor. The Heartbeat Monitoring function detects these influences and converts them into easily understandable information, providing process and device insights.

By observing Heartbeat Monitoring parameters over time, plant operators can reliably and promptly detect the presence of undesirable changes in the device and/or process condition. This makes it possible to optimise operations and predict maintenance needs. This also allows measures to be taken in a timely manner to avoid any potentially unsafe process conditions or device malfunction. Heartbeat Monitoring supports plant operators in optimising their processes and operational safety, as well as predicting upcoming maintenance needs and minimising unplanned shutdowns.


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