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New-generation oven tracker system

September 2022 Data Acquisition & Telemetry

Datapaq EasyTrack3 is the latest generation of oven tracker systems in the EasyTrack family. Built on the pedigree of EasyTrack and EasyTrack2, the new system provides the market with an easy oven profiling tool for paint curing, custom coaters, OEM operations or coating suppliers alike.

Key features of EasyTrack3 include auto logger detection, more memory, on-board calibration data, a remote service diagnostics tool, slope markers, improved battery performance and automatic software language change.

Advantages of oven profiling

Quality: Prove that your oven process meets the coating cure specification (time at temperature) to give the product quality you and your customers demand (minimise rejects, rework and prevent product recalls).

Productivity: Identify when and why cure problems occur. Isolate the root cause in the oven and use profile data to quickly recommend corrective action. Minimise downtime and lost production revenue. Eliminate risk of missed customer delivery schedules.

Validation and certification: Provide the documentary proof to both customers and regulatory bodies (Qualicoat, Accredited Applicator Status, etc.) that your operation meets quality standards. Win new business with the added value of full process certification.

Efficiency: Set up and validate new oven processes, coatings and products quickly and efficiently. Make accurate process adjustments (line speed, zone setpoint temperatures) to enhance and reduce energy costs.

A unique feature called SmartPaq allows the user to program the logger with critical target performance criteria (maximum temperature limit, time at temperature target or acceptable Datapaq value range). The data collected by the data logger is analysed against these criteria at the end of the run and the logger displays whether the criteria have been achieved or not.

The SmartPaq feature makes profile qualification as easy as checking for a green ‘Pass’ LED, which means you can move on to the next oven with confidence and without any need to download data. The data can be analysed in full later, after all runs are completed. If the LED is red, you immediately know at the oven exit that you have a process problem. Knowing this fact as soon as possible is critical to reducing rework, since the root cause of the problem can be identified much earlier in the process.

Another innovation by Datapaq is the MicroMag thermocouple. This encapsulated magnet design allows reliable direct use during production and also use on a test car during profiling. The miniature surface and air thermocouple, which employs state-of-the-art samarium-cobalt magnet technology, can be placed into the tightest of recesses. It is therefore ideal for car body shell areas that are difficult to access.

Due to its low thermal mass, the MicroMag provides response characteristics that challenge those of exposed junction thermocouples, while it has the additional advantage of quick and easy attachment to ferrous substrates. Despite its compact size (17 mm in diameter) the magnet ensures secure hold-up to the maximum experienced paint and powder coating cure temperatures. A removable aluminium knob is incorporated for easy handling, even when wearing gloves.


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