Control software library for sugar producers

February 2022 SCADA/HMI

ABB has launched its latest release of ABB Ability Sugar Library, enhanced with new functionalities to serve as a control engineering inventory for sugar manufacturers. It helps to reduce engineering costs and development timelines, simplify expansions and eliminate errors in engineering, and improve quality and reliability in operational use.

The release features a range of specifically designed templates for sugar process applications in beet and cane sugar industries. It fulfils all process area requirements including raw material handling, purification, crystallisation and sugar handling and now evaporation and filtration. Customisable templates will result in engineering efficiencies; for operators, efficient monitoring of the process helps to optimise resources and energy usage.

A high-performance human-machine interface (HMI) has been designed for fast detection and resolution of process disturbances, with alarm messages. In maintenance, teams will gain the right information at the right time, with tracking and trends visually available. The auto-reconfigurable, dynamic, high-performance HMI visualisations provided in the library for selected operations reduce commissioning time and help plant engineers and operators to focus on continuous improvement.

Among its sustainability advantages, ABB Ability Sugar Library features a steam economy mode that ensures no more steam than required is generated during the evaporation phase. It is also collected and reused for the crystallisation phase, saving any fuel used to make the steam and therefore reducing production costs. The solution is built from knowledge attained through collaboration with major process and equipment suppliers and sugar manufacturers. This ensures that the latest process control philosophies are incorporated within the library. It comprises components for control and supervision, with each a complete functional unit ready for use and able to be adapted to specific user needs.

The updated library seeks to benefit ABB’s installed-base customers, channel partners and system integrators for plant optimisation and expansion requirements as well as new greenfield installations, ensuring a reduced total cost of ownership. It integrates with the latest versions of ABB’s distributed control system (DCS), ABB Ability System 800xA and provisions support for ABB Ability Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM). It can support end-customers’ digitalisation strategies, sustainability, quality improvement and waste reduction initiatives.

“ABB Ability Sugar Library enables reliability, quality, engineering and operational benefits for our customers, channel partners and system integrators and aligns with our overall digitalisation strategy in the food and beverage industry,” said Marcello Gulinelli, global head of Food and Beverage, Process Industries, ABB. “We are encouraging efficient monitoring of the production process to help optimise resource and energy usage. This gives operators the information they need at the right time and allows flexible controls. We look forward to wider adoption across our installed base and potentially with new customers globally.”

Sugar manufacturers can take advantage of ready-to-use templates with control schemes for not only vacuum pans and associated Brix control, but also for all other critical process areas including purification, evaporation and raw material handling along with associated process equipment. Library provisions include efficient boil-up curves with customisable algorithms. Operators will experience improved control for steam economy, better shape and homogeneity for crystals, with alerts and data logging capabilities throughout.

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