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Experience Eplan Platform 2022

November 2021 IT in Manufacturing

Eplan heralds the future of electrotechnical engineering with a focus on ease-of-use for both experienced users and for newcomers to its software. The intuitive user interface, based on concepts most will already be familiar with, offers a high degree of recognition and improves the user experience at the same time. The new Eplan Platform is ready for launch and includes a newly designed user interface, improved workflows and many additional functions in connection with complementary cloud services.

Workflow in the age of digitalisation

The Eplan developers focused on the topic of workflow and designed the software to improve collaboration along the industrial value chain. This is because computerised solutions like the Eplan Platform are akin to the company’s ‘backbone’ in engineering and product development. They are typically deeply integrated into the user infrastructure and strategy and are planned years ahead on the investment side of things. So, one of the clear goals while the company was developing the Eplan Platform 2022, was optimising data exchange between the individual stakeholders within the companies’ ecosystems. Cloud applications such as Eplan eBuild, eManage and eView provide impetus for new forms of collaboration in the context of the Eplan Platform. The added value of the new cloud-based software solutions enables greatly improved cooperation between companies and their customers and suppliers.

Change to subscription model

The Eplan Platform 2022 is exclusively available on subscription. This minimises the investment risk by way of low entry prices and more flexible planning possibilities for individual software use. With the subscriptions, Eplan is strengthening relationships with its customers to better address what they need for their daily work.

The Eplan Platform 2022 is more intuitive, more flexible and makes companies more productive overall. Incorporated into a range of accompanying measures and solutions, such as the Eplan Partner Program and the supplementary software products in the Eplan cloud, companies can now better collaborate with their customers, partners and suppliers.


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