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Level switches master viscous substances

July 2021 Level Measurement & Control

Many food and pharmaceutical products have distinctive textures like processed cheeses, while others can be tough, sticky, crunchy or soft. Depending on the consistency, the demands on the level measurement technology used in the production process varies.

VEGA has developed the new front-flush level switch, Vegapoint 24, especially for use with sticky, viscous or abrasive products. Its focus is on the greatest possible robustness. Even with the heavy build-up, it reliably detects the level and indicates it via a coloured illuminated ring that is visible from a distance.

Easy configuration

Thanks to its robustness, the instrument offers plug-and-play functionality and can be easily installed in just a few simple steps. Flexible production systems with frequent and fast product changes benefit from the fact that it detects all media without the need for adjustment. Extended functions such as interface detection or foam blanking are also easily configured.

Only metal in the tank

“With this device, we are specifically targeting the beverage, food and pharmaceutical sectors,” explains Volker Allgaier, product manager at VEGA. “Here, mixing and conveying are all achieved efficiently and safely, even with demanding liquids and bulk solids like molasses or nut-nougat cream.”

The front-flush design of Vegapoint 24 ensures universal application possibilities. “Even cleaning rigs can work safely alongside the flat measuring tip,” emphasises Allgaier, “and the measuring tip also copes with sandblasting because there is only metal in the tank. When compared to plastic, tests have shown service life is extended by a factor of 4.

Fits like a glove

Users achieve optimum visibility of their processes with the new Vegapoint 24. The relationship between durability and low lifecycle costs is ground-breaking. The decisive factor, however, is flexibility of use: with its versatile process fittings and adaptors, the level switch fits like a glove – even in existing systems.

For more information contact VEGA Controls SA, +27 11 795 3249, leandi.hendrikse@vega.com, www.vega.com


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