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Proline t-mass F/I 300/500 from Endress+Hauser

February 2021 Flow Measurement & Control

Endress+Hauser has successfully installed over 100 000 t-mass flowmeters worldwide. Whether compressed air, natural gas, protective gas or oxygen, anyone wanting to record gas flows with proven and robust state-of-the-art measuring technology no longer has to make compromises. The ingenious sensor design and one-of-a-kind monitoring functions of t-mass F/I 300/500 leave nothing to be desired in terms of optimum process control. Even when process conditions fluctuate significantly, gas flows can be measured in all industries with unmatched accuracy.

In numerous industries, thermal flow measuring technology has long been used for measuring pure gases and gas mixtures – for example in research and development laboratories, in HVAC applications, for measuring flare stack and flue gases, in utilities with compressed air, oxygen, nitrogen or argon, for monitoring consumption of natural gas in gas-fired boilers, or for monitoring carbon dioxide in the food and beverage industry. As a result, when combined with the comprehensive functionality of the Proline 300/500 transmitters, this opens up new possibilities for process control, quantity measurement, leak detection, cost allocation and energy management.

F 300 flanged version.

Features & benefits

Even when process and ambient conditions are fluctuating significantly, t-mass ensures high measuring accuracy with excellent repeatability. Gas flows with low pressure and a low flow velocity can also be measured without any problems thanks to the high turndown (1000:1). The robust industrial design makes it possible to operate the device over the long term without any maintenance, thus saving time and money for the user. Instruments can be used at process temperatures up to 180°C and pressures up to 40 bar.

Gas Engine – for highest flexibility in the process

The t-mass 300/500 measuring system is equipped as standard with a ‘Gas Engine.’ This software model enables, among other things, calculating the mass flow of a gas under the current process conditions. In addition, the Gas Engine offers users unbeatable advantages in operation:

• Exact measurement of pure gases and gas mixtures by selecting from up to 22 standard gases as well as creating gas mixtures by combining up to 8 of these gases (special gases on request).

• Calculating flow velocity, reference density, corrected volume and energy flow for current operating conditions.

• Dynamic correction for changes in pressure, temperature and gas composition.

• Changing programmed gases without recalibration.

• Switching function for two predefined gas groups via the status input, e.g. for flushing processes with an additional gas.

Robust and optimised

The t-mass F and t-mass I sensors feature maximum robustness, enabling them to withstand such factors as pipe vibrations, solid particles in the gas and process fluctuations, e.g. temperature shocks. Thanks to its patented, innovative sensor design, t-mass is suitable for low-maintenance, long-term operation with high accuracy. All wetted parts are made of corrosion-resistant steel and comply with the stringent requirements of NACE MR0175/MR0103. For gases that form unwanted coating in the pipe, the sensor can be removed for cleaning work and reinstalled quickly and easily – without impairing the measuring performance.

I 300 insertion version.

I 500 remote version.

Alarm functions for greater process reliability

Because the t-mass 300/500 measuring system has been developed in accordance with IEC 61508 (SIL 2), it can also serve as the preferred system in safety applications. Any device or process errors that may occur are clearly categorized in accordance with NAMUR NE107 and immediately indicated. This makes it possible to take fast and targeted countermeasures. In addition, t-mass 300/500 is equipped with one-of-a-kind alarm functions that are used for immediately detecting unwanted condensate drops on the sensor or pulsating flow. In the case of condensate, this can prevent the emergence of long-term corrosion damage in piping systems. Another one-of-a-kind feature is the ability to measure and account for gas flows in both flow directions (bidirectional) and to generate an alarm message for reverse gas flows.

Heartbeat Technology – for reliable measurements and maximum operational safety

Heartbeat Technology is another highlight. This testing function is integrated into all Proline measuring devices and enables permanent self-diagnostics as well as traceable device verification without process interruption. For safety reasons, Heartbeat Technology also has a ‘Heartbeat Sensor Integrity’ test function for detecting changes to the measuring electronics or sensor as a result of extreme environmental and process conditions. Heartbeat Technology reduces complexity and risks in a system and thus increases its reliability and availability.

Web server – direct data access in the field

Proline 300/500 transmitters include a web server as standard. Using an Ethernet cable and a laptop – or wireless via WLAN – users have direct access to all diagnostic, configuration and device data without additional software or hardware. This enables targeted and time-saving maintenance and servicing.

HistoROM – simply unforgettable

The data storage concept (HistoROM) ensures maximum data security before, during and after service. All calibration data and device parameters are stored securely on the HistoROM data storage module and are automatically reloaded after maintenance work. Therefore, installing spare parts is easy, saves time and thus reduces unnecessary downtime.

Transmitter for seamless system integration

The t-mass F/I sensors can be combined with two different transmitters: as a compact version (Proline 300) or as a remote version (Proline 500) with up to 4 inputs and outputs. Proline transmitters leave nothing to be desired in terms of performance and accuracy. The digital signal processing begins in the intelligent sensor and is the basis for real multivariable measurement. This means that t-mass can simultaneously record multiple measured values such as mass flow, flow velocity or gas temperature for process control, and forward them to a process control system. Complete access to all measurement data, including diagnostic data acquired by Heartbeat Technology, is possible at any time thanks to digital data transmission via HART or Modbus RS-485, as well as via WLAN or the freely combinable inputs and outputs.


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