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November 2020 Industrial Wireless

The ultimate goal of most industrial automation applications is to obtain actionable insights from data sources for more precise decision-making. To achieve this, businesses need to make their field data accessible to information technology (IT) or operational technology (OT) systems. Read on to learn how Moxa’s easy, reliable, and secure connectivity solutions can facilitate such industrial applications.

Taking data to the cloud: all OT field data can easily be transmitted to the cloud. Instead of spending extra time and resources on OT/IT integration, simply migrate all field device data to the cloud. Focus on developing applications to avoid the complex integration between OT and IT systems using ready-to-run edge connectivity solutions to connect multiple serial, Modbus, EtherNet/IP, or I/O field devices to private clouds through generic MQTT, or to public clouds through reintegrated Azure or Alibaba Cloud SDKs. With intuitive UIs, it only takes a few steps to complete the cloud selection, connection, and message tag settings between the field and cloud. To speed up OT/IT integration project development, choose a Moxa edge connectivity product.

Q: What if my Application requires programmability or data pre-processing?

For applications that require edge computing, Moxa’s UC series of edge computers is available. These Arm-based industrial computers support WiFi/LTE connectivity and various communication interfaces. The optional ThingsPro software enables easy Modbus data acquisition and supports cloud connectivity for Azure, AWS, Alibaba Cloud, and generic MQTT.


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