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Temperature measurement in the steel industry

November 2020 Temperature Measurement

In the iron and steel industry, temperature measurement helps to ensure that the correct heating or cooling is applied. Benefits in getting this right include better quality, increased productivity, enhanced safety, reduced downtime, easy data recording and reduced energy costs.

Infrared sensors take temperature measurement one step further. Simultaneous analog and digital outputs allow temperature data to be integrated into a closed loop control system and simultaneously output for remote temperature monitoring and analysis. The smart sensors can be configured remotely from the safety of the control room – especially important for metals with changing emissivity.

Having recently joined forces to become one of the world’s largest suppliers of infrared temperature measurement equipment, Raytek and Ircon are able to offer non-contact infrared thermometers and scanners to cover every aspect of temperature monitoring in steel manufacturing processes. Where monitoring and controlling temperature is critical to productivity and product quality, Raytek/Ircon have an answer. Temperature readings show whether processes are operating within their proper ranges, whether a re-heater is too cold or too hot, whether a stand needs adjusting, or how much cooling should be applied. Each stage can be accurately monitored so the steel retains correct metallurgical properties as it travels through the milling process.

A wide range of optics, including a remote controlled, motorised variable focus option, covers a variety of applications. This is supported by integrated through-the-lens sighting, plus either laser or video sighting for correct target location. Raytek and Ircon infrared detectors are now available in more specialised units for specific applications, including torpedo car inspection, coke quenching, hot rolling, continuous casting, reheating and quenching.

Fluke Process Instruments

Fluke Process Instruments designs, manufactures, and markets a complete line of infrared (IR) temperature measurement and profiling solutions for industrial, maintenance and quality control applications. Distributed worldwide under the Raytek, Ircon and Datapaq brands, these products reflect the combined experience of over 125 years in manufacturing the world’s finest temperature measurement tools and devices.

R&C; Instrumentation covers the full range of infrared temperature measuring devices. Continual innovation and new products like the Endurance and Thermalert series, designed in conjunction between Raytek and Ircon, will ensure that whatever the temperature measurement and monitoring requirements, a solution can be found.

For more information contact R&C; Instrumentation, +27 11 608 1551, info@randci.co.za, www.randci.co.za


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