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New product releases from SMC Corporation International Training

September 2020 Training & Education

SMC International Training, the Didactic division of SMC Corporation, has been a global equipment supplier for the past 20 years.

Taking industry needs as the benchmark, this training equipment is designed for universities, vocational training centres, technical training centres, plus companies who provide their own training internally. With the focus on factory automation, the training equipment is designed to ensure the learner is exposed to all aspects and technologies in an automated system or production line.

To ensure a smooth transition and integration for learners from education institutes into industry, the training equipment includes all the latest automation equipment used in industry.

For the past 20 years, the organisation has been continuously improving and introducing new training equipment and systems to keep learners up to date with the latest technologies mirroring applications in practical working environments. The product range includes online eLearning, design and simulation software for fluid systems pneumatics, hydraulics, PLCs, industrial process control and mechatronic hardware and systems. Over the past couple of months, while the world was in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic,

SMC International Training has been hard at work to bring new products to add to the already comprehensive list. The new product releases include:

• Basic electricity and electronics trainer.

• Industrial electrical control trainer.

• Instrumentation and process control trainer.

• Mechanical trainer.

• Programmable logic controller trainer.

• Industry 4.0 system (compact special edition).

Basic electricity and electronics trainer

The basic electricity and electronics trainer provides hardware for hands-on activities and the study of DC, AC and solid state fundamentals. All devices are permanently mounted and can be quickly connected in a variety of configurations via banana jack connectors. Users will be introduced to the functions and use of various devices and circuits. In addition, test equipment and fault insertion activities will allow for development of troubleshooting skills.

Industrial electrical control trainer

The industrial electrical control trainer provides students with a flexible system allowing for hands-on experiments in wiring and troubleshooting of electrical control circuits.

Instrumentation and process control trainer

The instrumentation and process control trainer allows students to perform practical and tactile experiments in pressure, flow, level and temperature applications. The system’s unique design allows rapid conversion between pressure, flow and level experiments by adjusting the position of valves. All devices are pre-wired to terminal strips allowing for quick circuit modification. Activities in loop wiring, transmitter setup and loop tuning of PID parameters provide a thorough understanding of process control.

Programmable logic controller trainer

This system provides a solution and environment for hands-on interaction and understanding of programmable logic controllers including digital I/O, analog I/O and communication with the SMC human machine interface.

Mechanical trainer

The mechanical trainer system provides participants with hardware allowing for interactive experiments in mechanical shaft alignment, pulley alignment, belt installation, sprocket alignment, chain installation, gear alignment practices and speed ratios.

Industry 4.0 system (compact special edition)

Develop the skills most in demand for 4.0 technologies and be prepared for the new challenges presented by Industry 4.0. The system offers professional training according to the industrial reality, simulating a real assembly process and including different technologies from Industry 4.0.

For more information contact SMC Corporation South Africa, +27 10 900 1233,,


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