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Pump control at a distance

September 2020 Industrial Wireless

The ability to control a pump remotely over distance and without using wires is simple using Omniflex Teleterm Radio RTUs over a licence free band, avoiding administration of radio frequency band use. Easily customisable to suit any application means users can be up and running in hours. Using the preconfigured templates simplifies implementation even on more complex systems.

A PLC and radio in the same unit

A system can comprise two or more Teleterm Radio RTUs each in a weatherproof housing with a built-in PSU and standby batteries; one housing at the remote control end with all the I/O dedicated to control inputs and pump feedback status, and another at the pump side with all the I/O dedicated to control outputs and pump feedback inputs. The built-in radio allows up to 20 km line of sight between two sets of controls. This allows easy plug-and-play functionality with only the wiring of the power supply and the control circuits required. A touch screen HMI (fully customisable) can be provided to do the control of the pump and to visualise the pump/system statuses, eliminating wiring of switches and bulls eye lamps. The on-board Ethernet port also allows connection to an existing scada system thus saving on additional hardware. The system has the following key features:

• Programmable Teleterm units in PLC language IEC61131 for local automation.

• Touch screen interface for visualisation and any manual user controls.

• Instant status of any outstations at a control point: no polling is required, the system reports by exception i.e. change of state triggers data transmission to optimise the radio bandwidth and thus performance.

• No radio protocol programming is required: simple configuration of data queries and subscriptions.

• Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP communication ports are standard on all units. Adding scada, VSD drives, power meters etc. can be accomplished with ease.

Teleterm system benefits

• Plug-and-play operation.

• Configurable and easy customisation.

• Distance up to 20 km wirelessly.

• Low power operation.

• Alarm logging option on the Teleterm M3.

• Easy installation.

These benefits make it ideally suited for any remote control pump operation with the flexibility to customise the system for even complex controls like pump rotation and usage/efficiency statistics.

For more information contact Ian Loudon, Omniflex, +27 31 207 7466,,


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