Temperature Measurement

New RTD transmitter

September 2020 Temperature Measurement

Inor’s new Apaq 130 is a modern transmitter with high reliability and great performance. External influences such as ambient temperature, vibration, moisture and EMC interference have minimal influence on the measurement result, thanks to the robust design.

What characterises the APAQ 130 is simplicity. Users can easily configure the transmitters wirelessly with a smartphone or tablet. There is no need for expensive configuration tools or fixed workstations for transmitter configuration.

Great performance at an attractive price makes this transmitter an excellent choice. What stands out is its compact design. The head-mounted variant is only 10,5 mm high and can easily be installed in all DIN B connection heads. The rail mounted variant is only 6,3 mm wide, allowing users to save valuable space in the cabinet.

Quality and control

The APAQ 130 is built on Inor’s latest transmitter platform to leverage efficiencies and to meet the customer’s need for digitalisation. By building on an already established and well-proven platform, ensures that the transmitters meet all relevant quality standards.

In the Inor Connect app, users can easily save and share configurations with colleagues. They can also generate configuration protocols in PDF format for easy documentation. Configuring a transmitter has never been easier.


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