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Internal inspection of machinery

September 2020 Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

The TKES 10 Endoscope Series from SKF is designed for fast, easy internal inspection of machinery with minimal need for machine disassembly, delivering significant savings in terms of both time and money to customers and end-users.

“By helping to minimise the need for laborious and time consuming disassembly of machinery prior to inspection, this compact, user-friendly first-line inspection tool optimises machine availability and maximises uptime and productivity,” says SKF product manager, Eddie Martens.

The TKES 10 Series is available in three different models and has been specially developed by SKF to cater to a wide range of applications and customer requirements. The tool is packed with several advanced and value adding features including a high resolution miniature camera with digital zoom capabilities that delivers a clear and sharp full screen image easily visible on a backlit display screen. Up to 50 000 images and 120 minutes of video footage can be saved or stored on the SD memory card.

The 1 m-long insertion tube, which is supplied in three different variants – flexible, semi-rigid or with an articulating tip – features a small (5,8 mm) tip diameter and a wide field of view to facilitate access as well as visibility inside machines, including even narrow, difficult to reach areas. Martens adds that the side view adapter makes it possible to use the SKF Endoscope to inspect applications such as pipe walls while powerful variable LED lighting allows for inspections in dark locations. There are also other options with varying lengths for both the flexible and semi-rigid insertion tubes. These are available on request, up to a maximum length of 5 metres.

Thanks to powerful magnets and a tripod-mount on the back of the display unit, the tool can be conveniently used hands-free. The Endoscope is supplied in a sturdy carrying case complete with all necessary cables, a universal mains charger as well as a cleaning kit.


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