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August 2020 Level Measurement & Control

The Roto-Bin-Dicator Pro is a paddlewheel type level device that outperforms others in its class. The fail-safe model is unique in that it comes standard with functional diagnostics that detect a unit fault even when the paddle is buried in material. The instrument provides added reliability by employing redundant methods of detection, which monitor shaft rotation as well as motor behaviour, making it more reliable with regards to not missing a reading or creating a false positive.

As a genuine fail-safe sensor, Roto-Bin-Dicator Pro can perform complete self-diagnostics in and out of material, which provides confidence that the unit is functioning. Diagnostics alone are not uncommon, but the ability to differentiate between faults is: the Pro is one of the only paddlewheel level devices in the dry bulk industry that can differentiate faults such as low supply voltage, motor not connected, temperature out of range, motor failure, gear train/bearing failure and PCB integrity failure.

The device provides a means for self-test using the magnetic fob provided with the unit, or by pressing the Test button. To check the functionality of the unit while the paddle is in or out of material, place and hold the fob over the Test label on the cover. If the unit is functioning properly, the alarm LED and main relay will change the state. When the test is completed and results verified, simply move the fob away from the unit.

Other features include multiple sensitivity settings, universal input power 24-48 VDC or 110-230 VAC, relay time delay 0-25 seconds and motor pause, allowing the same unit to be used in different locations and with a variety of dry bulk materials.

Custom length pipe extensions and lags are available to extend Roto-Bin-Dicator Pro into a vessel or move its electronics away from high process temperatures. Extensive process fitting options allow the unit to be placed into new or existing fittings and seven paddle options cater to materials of varying densities.

No scheduled preventative maintenance is required for units when they are properly applied and installed correctly. No cleaning is required before or during installation.


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