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Flow switches from Honsberg

August 2020 Valves, Actuators & Pump Control

Honsberg has introduced the FF series flow switch that offers a large switching value selection as well as a wide housing spectrum with a valve seat design. Additionally, the FF series is low maintenance, long lasting and a low-cost system that gives improved system safety.

With housing sizes for nominal pipe widths from DN8 to DN50 and freely selectable switching values, the swift reaction times of less than 100 ms deliver rapid actuation time for applications. An additional highlight is the high switching value repeat accuracy with a minimal pressure loss of less than 0,1 bar.

“The FF series of flow switches come in various housing sizes for high-pressure cleaning technology, industrial washing machines and car washes, as well as refrigeration technology and hydraulic applications, in fact suitable for applications within any sector where water is processed,” said Jan Grobler, managing director of GHM Messtechnik South Africa. “The simplistic design of the piston valve seat makes it practically maintenance free in all applications. In addition to its fast and precise measurement, the FF series flow switch is a long lasting and low-cost switch, making it a preferred choice for applications where flow measurement is required.”

Piston valve seat design for low investment costs

With a simple mechanical operating principle enhancing their durability, the flow switches are versatile instruments. The volume flow raises a piston (fitted with a magnet) from a valve seat, against a spring force. The stroke causes a magnetic field change that actuates a hermetically isolated reed switch and generates an electrical signal. The vertical positioning of the reed switch, adjusted at the factory, enables recognition of flow rates from approximately 2% to 60% of the recommended maximum.

With the spring-supported stabilisation of the piston and the short installation length of the housing, use is possible in all installation positions in a space saving solution for high unit counts and high efficiency. Other benefits include:

• An average frequency of 30 switches per hour.

• Usage duration of 30 000 operating hours.

• Flexibly adjustable on the pressure side in the system.

• Dirt resistance and low maintenance.

“Many industrial applications will benefit from the FF series,” concluded Grobler. “It is uniquely flexible, with high accuracy and low cost, making it a win-win choice for flow monitoring applications.”


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