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July 2020 Motion Control & Drives

BMG’s solutions for the water, wastewater and sewage sectors encompass the supply of quality branded drive systems, enhanced by the BMG team’s technical expertise and installation, condition monitoring, maintenance and engineering support capabilities.

“BMG specialists play an important role in upgrading ageing water and wastewater facilities and designing new drive systems to ensure a dependable infrastructure,” explains Kelly Mac Iver, gears business unit manager, BMG electromechanical division. “The selection of robust equipment that can endure continuous operation under severe conditions is critical. Every drive package selected must match the application perfectly, to ensure energy efficiency, low running costs, minimum downtime and extended service life of the system. Care for the environment is also a priority, and for this reason, we select environmentally friendly drive solutions that help minimise carbon emissions.”

BMG supplies an extensive range of drive packages from Nord Drivesystems and Sumitomo Drive Technologies, which have been designed especially for optimum efficiency in harsh applications, including water, wastewater and sewage treatment plants.

The Hansen product range

Sumitomo’s Hansen product range includes gear units that drive aerators, water screws and brush aerators. Notable features of the locally assembled Hansen agitator/aerator gearboxes include the flexibility for application-specific product design to meet exact requirements, high torque capacity, surface durability and low-noise performance. Robust weatherproof housings raise the gearbox and drive motor above the service platform, to prevent contact with water.

The internal construction of the gear unit housing allows for simple and complete oil drainage, while Hansen’s Oil-Lock and Oil-Guard systems offer maintenance-free sealing on high-speed shaft extensions. The drywell prevents oil leakage on vertical downshafts. Larger units, with inspection covers above the oil level, allow for convenient inspection of internal components on site.

Nord drives

Nord drives have special features to meet the requirements imposed during water treatment procedures.

“The drives consist of gears, motors and brakes that are protected against corrosion. Special covers for the hollow shaft and motor also ensure that the drive is entirely resistant to spray and the humid and aggressive conditions to which they are exposed in sewage treatment plants,” says Deon Crous, national product manager, Nord Drive Systems at BMG.

Explosion-proof motors, with electrical and mechanical speed controls, are fitted with anti-condensation heaters for standstill periods and reinforced bearings for extended life are standard. Special vent plugs, lubricants and a valve-type oil drainage facility also enhance performance in these demanding applications.

Drives with helical flange-mounted geared motors have the flexibility to fit into restricted and awkwardly shaped areas below tank de-sludgers. The traversing platform of this system is equipped with four-wheel drive to prevent wheels from slipping, even under load and in unfavourable wind conditions. Drives for revolving de-sludgers (helical bevel geared motors) and propeller-type agitators and aerator drives (helical geared motors, flange mounted) can comfortably handle continuous operation 24 hours a day. Foot-mounted helical geared motors are recommended in paddle mixer drives and despite heavy loads, design life can exceed 100 000 hours.

Also in BMG’s Nord range is the compact combination of Maxxdrive industrial gear units and the Sealless adaptor for mixers, which offer operating reliability and reduced maintenance requirements. Important features of these gear units for mixers include fewer wearing parts and no additional oil tank is necessary, which reduces installation space. This Nord range has earned recognition globally for reliability, efficiency, low noise levels, extended life and reduced maintenance.

BMG has made a substantial investment to ensure assembly, stockholdings and technical backup for its comprehensive range of industrial geared motors. This facility enables the quick delivery of world-class geared motor solutions in selected African countries. Full repair and maintenance services are also offered.

For more information contact Kelly Mac Iver, BMG, +27 11 620 1615,,


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