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June 2020 Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Meteor Communications’ MCE-MRC-EX is powered by MeteorCloud, a one-stop end user application for complete data visualisation, outstation device control and reporting activities.

The remote monitoring cameras deliver high quality real time images from hazardous area locations where data connections are not readily available. These cameras are used to check the status of a location or process to save sending personnel to perform a visual inspection, for example, to check for blockages/choke points in water utilities locations.

Due to the GSM communication path, there is no additional infrastructure (such as Wi-Fi for webcams and wiring/monitors for CCTV) necessary. The GSM antenna can be remote or enclosure mounted, allowing extreme flexibility even for deployment underground or other areas without GSM coverage. This Ex version is housed in 316L stainless steel enclosure.


The MeteorCloud is an end-user application for complete data visualisation, outstation device control and reporting activities across all types of remote sensor and camera devices. Other features include:

• Rapid deployment.

• Easy-to-use interface running on any Internet-enabled web browser (PC, tablet, smartphone).

• Utilises modern and powerful web and mass data storage/retrieval technologies.

• Delivers robust Tier III Data Centre Level critical services.

Applications include remote monitoring of choke points on rivers/drainage etc., security monitoring of valuable assets, temporary deployment during shutdown, perimeter monitoring and offshore platforms.


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