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USB charging sockets for latest SA electrical standards

25 March 2020 Smart Home Automation

Legrand’s new USB chargers, which meet the latest electrical standards in South Africa, have been developed for quick installation, enhanced safety, user convenience and modern design. Legrand’s new 16 A RSA monoblocs feature both the old and new RSA 2P and E sockets, as well as USB A-type and C-type connectivity for high-speed charging of all mobile devices.

A monobloc is a single mould of multiple wiring devices arranged together and factory-wired in a fixed form. According to Legrand specialists, the advantage is that multiple components can be powered up with one termination connection.

While USB charging ports integrated into wall sockets is not a new concept, Legrand’s latest monobloc design is one of the first two-gang design sockets available, with both USB type-A and type-C charging outlets. Previous technology has catered for type-A ports only.

Global manufacturers of multimedia devices are aiming to standardise equipment with the use of USB type-C connectors, which are smaller than standard type-A outlets, with a higher power output, efficient charging performance and also reduce the need for multiple mobile chargers. These reversible units ensure simplified connection, with the flexibility for insertion of either side of the charging fitting.

As type-C connectors become the universal port, the type-C cord will enable a multitude of applications – including charging and data transfer. Arteor and Ysalis type-A and type-C USB chargers deliver up to 15 W to optimise charging and have an environmentally-friendly standby consumption of 0,07 W Level VI, which is the highest level on the TUVSUD certification scale.

Also available in the Arteor range are two-gang modules with the options of 2 x type-A and 2 x type-C units. In addition to the two-gang socket, Legrand’s USB range also includes one-gang versions, available with either type-A or type-C charging outlets.

Modular charging sockets with a type-C USB charging port comply with IEC-62684-2011-1 specifications and can be used to charge any mobile device – like smartphones, tablets and laptops. Also in the new range are modular double type-C USB chargers.

Arteor monoblocs are available in white, champagne, soft aluminium and magnesium, while Ysalis monoblocs come in white and champagne options. Legrand monoblocs are pre-wired for easy installation in both new-build projects and retrofit installations in any environment, including homes, offices, hotels and commercial applications.

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