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Nordic announces support for Amazon Common Software

2 April 2020 Smart Home Automation

Nordic announces support for Amazon Common Software for Devices to accelerate development of smart home products with support for Amazon services.

Nordic Semiconductor is working with Amazon Common Software (ACS) to help accelerate the development of smart home and other wireless products.

Amazon Common Software (ACS) provides a single, unified API integration layer for multiple Amazon SDKs. This includes providing components that are pre-validated and memory-optimised for common smart home product functionalities.

Amazon says ACS is designed to benefit any developer building products using Amazon device SDKs by giving them the ability to use pre-built, pre-hardened, and pre-validated software components. This will accelerate integration of Amazon Device SDKs and help reduce both development and maintenance cost.

Amazon adds that ACS also includes an extensive test suite that can be used to verify and debug an ACS implementation. By building on ACS, implementers can expect to launch devices more quickly and easily than before, using some of the same technology that Amazon uses in its own devices.

Nordic Semiconductor intends to provide and maintain a Device Porting Kit (DPK) for its wireless chips that allows them to be easily and natively integrated into ACS as one of its reference platforms. Initial DPKs will be based on Bluetooth LE, with other wireless technologies to follow in the future.

For more information contact Andrew Hutton, RF Design, +27 21 555 8400,,


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