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TAG level switch
April 2014, Gail Norton Instrumentation

TAG level switches are designed to detect the presence of materials that accrue in the surroundings of the electrode’s position. Materials can be fluids, powders, granules and conductive or non-conductive, ...

Eliminate impact torque conditions
April 2014, Newelec Pretoria

Impact torque conditions can result in broken chains, couplings and screw conveyors as well as an assortment of mechanical fractures. When a NewElec OLR 84 S protection relay is mounted on a motor circuit, ...

Single-point operation for machine ­activation and pick-to-light applications
January 2014, RET Automation Controls

Banner Engineering has introduced the EZ-Light K30 Touch, a smaller version of the company’s industry-recognised K50 Touch. Featuring a compact, rugged design, this single-point device is designed for ...

Jumo’s advanced function bimetal switches
January 2014, ASSTech Process Electronics and Instrumentation

Jumo’s bimetal switches are used in a wide variety of applications, such as cooling or heating circuits, compressors or engines. These switches have now been developed for applications in compact plants. ...

Safety relays from Pilz
December 2013, Southern African Regional PROFIBUS Assoc. (SARPA)

When it comes to safety, there is no substitute for a dedicated safety relay and Pilz has set the standard in safety devices with a wide range to suit every situation and cover all needs. When it comes ...

Reliable earth leakage protection relay
December 2013, Newelec Pretoria

NewElec’s GA relays provide earth leakage protection without nuisance tripping for motors started direct-on-line as well as variable speed drive applications. This is achieved by the use of harmonic filters. ...

Protection relay for plant automation
December 2013, Southern African Regional PROFIBUS Assoc. (SARPA), Newelec Pretoria

NewElec’s MB relay is ISO 9001:2000 compliant and features starter logic and function blocks which, coupled with its multi-protocol communication options, make it an ideal solution for plant automation. ...

SABS approved miniature circuit breakers from WEG
December 2013, Zest WEG Group

WEG manufactures a full range of SABS-approved miniature circuit-breakers, including all accessories in both 5 and 10 kA ranges, making it possible for the Zest WEG Group to supply customers with complete ...

Gigavac power products now CE compliant
November 2013, Denver Technical Products

Manufacturer of advanced switching solutions, Gigavac has announced that its line of power products, including contactors and battery disconnect switches, is now CE approved. The approval includes standard ...

Expanded range of Leuze safety switches
September 2013, Countapulse Controls

Countapulse Controls has launched the extended range of Leuze safety devices in the local market. “Customer feedback allows us to provide Leuze with invaluable information regarding application specific ...

Motor protection for underground machinery
September 2013, Newelec Pretoria

A range of locally manufactured electronic motor protection relays is ideally suited for fitting into gate-end boxes for protecting underground coal cutting machinery and transformers. NewElec’s 100M ...

Industrial relay system for all applications
September 2013, Phoenix Contact

The new Rifline industrial relay system from Phoenix Contact ranges from a slim 6,2 mm coupling relay to a relay as a small contactor replacement. The most powerful relay can switch voltages up to 400 ...

Pneumatic level switch for viscous and corrosive liquids
August 2013, Temperature Controls

The compact FP series pneumatic level switch is ideal for point level switching of liquids that are highly viscous, corrosive or contain solids in suspension. It can be easily integrated into original ...

Protection relay with advanced control features
June 2013, Newelec Pretoria

The NewCode relay from NewElec is an ISO 9001:2000 compliant, locally designed and manufactured three phase motor protection and control relay. Featured are seven inputs with differential voltages 24 ...

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