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Digital Maintenance Manager
October 2018, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

The Digital Maintenance Manager (DMM) from SICK Automation’s Smart Service Suite, is a service platform for managing, visualising, implementing and recording the maintenance requirements of analysis and process measurement sensors and systems in process plants. The DMM is a non-proprietary web front-end that can be used via a web interface from any device with an Internet connection. The service platform is compatible with all analysis and process measurement sensors and systems from SICK.

The DMM displays all the installed sensors and measurement systems in digital form and provides plant operators with up-to-date information about their current and future operating status. It offers plant operators the opportunity to manage and visualise the field instrumentation and to integrate it into an end-to-end maintenance and document management system. With the help of a traffic signal system, operators can immediately identify the maintenance status of sensors and measurement systems in machines and plants. This allows maintenance to be planned in advance.

Full documentation of maintenance history

The DMM allows operators of waste incineration plants, power stations, steel and cement works, and plants and refineries in the chemical and petrochemical industries to simplify their maintenance planning process. The platform arranges and reports on the maintenance activities agreed with SICK, with other providers, or with the in-house service team. Once the work has been completed, the accompanying service documentation is automatically created and updated. The integrated document management system enables operators to access all the relevant service reports for gas analysers, dust measuring devices, or emission monitoring systems, for example, at any time and with just a few clicks of the mouse. The entire test documentation is also easily available in the event of an audit.

Access to other maintenance services

The service platform also gives operators access to other LifeTime Services from SICK if required. These include a direct remote connection via the Internet to sensors and measurement systems. The condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solution allows status figures and statistics from field instrumentation to be analysed and evaluated directly in order to identify and prevent faults, failures, and the risk of damage at an early stage. Other service modules, for example for support in relation to QAL2 and QAL3, are also available. Customers can also add function tests and annual operational checks.

Entry point to process automation 4.0

By fully digitising all SICK’s analysis and process measurement systems in one plant, the DMM allows for comprehensive installed base management. It also paves the way for Process Automation 4.0 and therefore for the value-added networking of sensors and measurement systems in machines and equipment, as well as the systematic evaluation of machine and process data in order to minimise downtimes and improve the productivity of process plants.

For more information contact Mark Madeley, SICK Automation Southern Africa, +27 10 060 0550,,

Supplied By: SICK Automation Southern Africa
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