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Bringing innovation and world-class ignition technology to the combustion environment
Technews Industry Guide: Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation 2018, Sensors & Transducers

Firing up large industrial combustion plants with many burners is a complex process requiring various equipment such as ignitors that require gas or oil to initiate the combustion process. OEN Enterprises just made this process easier and more efficient through the introduction of the new Hegwein Microwave Plasma Ignition System, which forms an electric arc – a bright white plasma – at a temperature in excess of 3500 degrees Celsius. Once introduced into the boiler, it directly ignites liquid fuels as well as pulverised solids like coal and biomass. It can also be used to ignite gaseous and liquid fuels in other combustion applications across industries.

The high ignition temperature of this new ignitor enables high ignition potential, and ignition in oxygen-free environments, with no additional fuels such as gas or oil are required. The new ignitor caters for applications requiring instantaneous and reliable direct ignition of hard coal burners, whist eliminating the time-consuming conditioning of traditional gas and oil start-up burners. It allows for 1 and/or 2 mill operation with higher boiler system availability and improved flexibility of the load control, resulting in a more efficient energy mix usage.

An alternative ignition product that OEN offers is the Durag D-HG series, a high energy spark ignition system (HESI). It has an integrated temperature control and an under and over voltage protection functionality, as well as a discharge control, short circuit test, LED indication for ignition feedback, ready for operation signal and fault finding capability. It produces an energy of 5,6J at a maximum ignition frequency of 20 sparks per second and is also fully programmable to suit specific plant requirements. Varyious ignition lance lengths to suit plant specifications, and a retraction unit are also available.

To evaluate the characteristics of the flame produced, the Durag D-LX 201 range of flame monitors provide fail safe and self-monitoring functionalities. As the D-LX 201 is burner and flame specific, it measures the electromagnetic radiation in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared region of the flame spectrum, and analyses specific portions such as intensity, frequency, flame flicker and stability of the flame in more detail. This enables the flame monitor to indicate that there is a flame, as well as provide a flame on signal and a ‘valid’ ma output. There is also a RS-485 output available that can be used for diagnostics or as a permanent output to the appropriate Durag software.

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