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Emerson's Smart Wireless technology used at power plant
February 2013, Data Acquisition & Telemetry

Barking Power has installed Emerson Process Management’s Smart Wireless technology to help identify potential problems, improving the plant availability and efficiency of its Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) power station in London. Emerson’s Rosemount 708 wireless acoustic transmitters help plant personnel identify failed steam traps, leaking valves and boiler tube leaks, avoiding substantial costs for lost steam and feed water as well as lost revenue from plant downtime.

Barking Power Station, operated by Thames Power Services, is one of the largest independently-owned generating plants in the UK, capable of generating 1000 MW of electricity – about 2% of the peak electricity demand in England and Wales. To remain competitive in the deregulated UK power generation market, the plant makes continual improvements to increase plant availability and efficiency, which in turn help reduce overall unit generating cost.

“Improving process performance is all about understanding what is happening around the plant and being able to respond quickly to any problems,” explains Ian MacDonald, senior control systems engineer, Barking Power. “Emerson’s Smart Wireless technology enables us to introduce additional measurement points quickly and cost effectively at any location, so we can gather additional information to identify potential faults.”

To improve identification of failed steam traps and problem valves, Barking Power installed 35 of Emerson’s wireless acoustic transmitters across the plant. Should a steam trap fail or a small leak begin, an acoustic device transmits changes in sound and temperature which are configured to alert operators of a potential problem. The plant began gaining the benefits of the new devices immediately, as a leak from a high pressure super heater steam trap was identified that would have cost ·1400 for every 24 hours of lost operation.

The plant installed 15 additional acoustic transmitters to monitor other problematic areas, including vent valves that can stick during start-up and pressure relief valves that do not seat correctly. Previous manual monitoring was not only time-consuming but also failed to indicate when or why a release occurred, increasing the chances of a safety, regulatory, or environmental incident. The new wireless devices enable precise monitoring and alert operators when valves have opened for as little as a second.

Rosemount 708 wireless acoustic transmitters have also been installed to identify leaking boiler tubes. These leaks not only reduce performance but also waste large amounts of costly boiler feed water, which is demineralised and chemically treated to help prevent corrosion. Data is fed into the plant’s existing Emerson Ovation control system, where noise levels can be trended to identify gradual changes. Repairs can then be scheduled during normal off-times to maintain maximum plant availability and avoid forced downtime.

Using the wireless networks already in place, additional devices can be added at much lower cost than if they had to be wired individually. This provides Barking Power with additional opportunities where monitoring was previously cost prohibitive – for example, identifying blockages in venturi eductors.

“Having already installed Emerson’s Smart Wireless THUM adaptors for access to stranded HART diagnostic data in traditional field devices, we were very familiar with Smart Wireless technology and confident about using it in other applications,” says MacDonald. “The mobility and flexibility of the battery powered wireless devices also allow us to run trials and move devices to different areas without having to lay temporary cables. As a result, we can spot early problems and improve response to malfunctioning equipment enabling better planning and utilisation of maintenance resources.”

For more information contact Mark Tapson, Emerson Process Management, +27 (0)11 451 3700,,

Supplied By: Emerson Automation Solutions
Tel: +27 11 451 3700
Fax: +27 11 451 3800
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