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Optimum efficiency at healthcare facilities

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Healthcare facility professionals work with mission-critical equipment every day – failure is really not an option. Medical businesses must be able to face life-and-death issues around the clock, so maintaining constant uptime is as crucial as finding ways to save on energy costs and adhering to stringent regulatory requirements. Comtest offers a full suite of Fluke test tools to monitor, troubleshoot and repair a medical facility. Why Fluke test and measurement equipment? Because it is the industry benchmark against which all other tools are measured.

The facility director’s focus is on safety, cost reduction and regulatory compliance. Issues faced include controlling energy costs, the promoting of an environment of care, maintaining emergency preparedness and ensuring regulatory compliance. To this end, Comtest offers Fluke’s thermal imagers, infrared windows and power quality analysers.

Engineers and electricians focus on electrical installation, maintenance and repairs. They face issues of meeting safety standards, troubleshooting sensitive equipment and preventing unscheduled downtimes. For this application, Comtest offers Fluke’s digital multimeters, power quality analysers, infrared thermometers, insulation meters and handheld oscilloscopes.

The environmental health and safety professional focuses on health and safety protocols and air quality control. Issues faced are maintaining good air quality for hospital environments and educating and enforcing adherence to infection control protocols. Comtest‘s solutions are the Fluke indoor air quality tools and infrared thermometers.

Finally, the maintenance professional focuses on maintaining indoor air quality, HVAC and related systems. Issues faced are controlling HVAC energy costs, ensuring HVAC ventilation systems are compliant with local quality and safety standards, keeping wiring and equipment to specification, and addressing patient comfort issues. Comtest offers Fluke’s digital multimeters, earth ground testers, air flow, clamp and vibration meters.


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