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Make bin level sensors redundant

November 2020 Mass Measurement

When level sensors are being continually maintained or replaced because of a difficult level sensing application, a different type of technology should be investigated. Kistler Morse offers an alternative to level sensing technology.

Vessel weighing

The microcell is a highly sensitive and thermally stable semiconductor strain gauge sensor. Kistler-Morse pioneered a bolt-on version for measuring the contents of a wide range of bulk storage vessels. This sensor is still the standard way to measure the weight-induced strain in a vessel with a leg support structure. Adding weight to a vessel compresses the gauge, changing the microcell’s resistance, which produces an electrical output proportional to the material weight change.

The microcell is quickly and easily installed while the vessel is still in productive use. For existing vessels with legs, the microcell is a cost-effective weighing solution compared to having to modify vessels for other types of weighing sensors. In combination with existing vessels, the versatility of the microcell can supply a cost effective, easy to install, easy to maintain, highly reliable, industrial strength weighing system.

Today it is critical to know and understand inventory down to the last unit in order to be efficient. These efficiencies can bring cost savings and a more productive workflow. Bulk inventory can sometimes be difficult to measure due to its size and difficult tank conditions, but with silo weighing systems, those issues can be eliminated.

SVS2000 weight indicator

The SVS2000 accepts input signals from half- or full-bridge strain gauge load cells through a high resolution (up to 21-bit) analog-to-digital converter. Resolution and gain are adjustable for optimal system performance. Weight is displayed at the indicator and the data can be serially polled from a master device.

Using Quick Config, the SVS2000 is easy to setup and calibrate without test weights or special load cells. Responses to simple Quick Config questions provide the SVS2000 with the information needed to set up and calibrate the system for any application. Within minutes, the SVS2000 provides usable weight information. Later, when convenient, a more accurate calibration is easily obtained by moving a known quantity of material. The SVS2000 provides easy system configuration and expansion to meet future requirements. Optional digital interfaces include Ethernet/IP, Profibus DP, DeviceNet and RS-422 serial.


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