Hytec South Africa

Tel: +27 11 975 9700
Fax: +27 11 975 8709
Email: info@boschrexroth.co.za
www: www.boschrexroth.africa
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Hytec custom designs power pack for Lephalale mine
October 2019, News

Hytec South Africa recently custom designed and manufactured a 6000 ton power pack for a mine in Lephalale. Supplied in a three metre shipping container, the solution is equipped with a pressurisation ...
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Hytec appointed service partner to Zollern
May 2019, News

Hytec South Africa has been appointed the southern African service partner to the Drive Technology Unit of Zollern. The partnership allows Hytec South Africa to sell, execute inspections, and conduct ...
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Connected hydraulics: ready for Industry 4.0
Technews Industry Guide: Industrial Internet of Things & Industry 4.0, Pneumatics & Hydraulics

Prejudices last for a long time, even when reality has long since disproved them. One of these prejudices is that hydraulics have no place in Industry 4.0 because they are not intelligent – but they have ...
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