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Becker Mining to deliver hoists to Rustenburg mine
June 2021, News

Becker Mining South Africa has secured an order for 26 Kito electric and manual chain hoists and accessories, for a processing plant at a mine in the North West Province.
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Flameproof switchgear for system protection
April 2021, Electrical Power & Protection

Becker Mining South Africa’s Energy Distribution division manufactures customised switchgear, designed for the efficient distribution of electrical power.
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Becker Mining’s upgraded chairlift PLC panels increase safety
November 2020, PLCs, DCSs & Controllers

Becker Mining South Africa recently launched a new upgraded chairlift PLC panel that enhances the reliability of Becker chairlift systems, which are used to transport personnel on mines throughout the world.
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High-speed dependable underground communication system
June 2020, Industrial Wireless

Becker Mining South Africa’s Electronics Division specialises in automation and communication systems, which are designed to enhance productivity and improve safety in the mining sector. The company ...
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Becker Mining South Africa supplies uninterruptible power supply systems
May 2020, News

Becker Mining South Africa has supplied 12 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems to a local coal mine supplier, to enhance safety and prevent unnecessary downtime. These specially designed systems ...
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Food grade electric chain hoists
February 2020, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

New to Becker’s range of Kito hoists are food grade electric chain hoists, designed for safe lifting applications in contaminant controlled and corrosive processing environments, particularly the food ...
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Becker Mining upgrade for local coal operation
August 2019, News

Becker Mining South Africa’s energy division has been awarded a contract to upgrade the PLC infrastructure at a leading coal producer’s underground operations. “This project comprises the design, manufacture ...
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Gas monitoring in explosive areas
April 2019, Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

Becker Mining South Africa has extended its range of safety and communications systems to include a new atmospheric and environmental monitoring system, designed for use in industries where the presence ...
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Surface collision avoidance system
March 2019, Industrial Wireless

Becker Mining South Africa’s advanced safety device, the intelligent collision avoidance system (ICAS), provides situational awareness to ensure optimum safety on construction sites, open-pit mines and ...
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Becker Varis gas monitoring for Zimbabwe mine
May 2018, IS & Ex

Becker Mining South Africa, specialists in safety and communications technologies for the mining sector, is soon to install a robust atmospheric and environmental monitoring system at a mine in Zimbabwe. ...
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Relays for motor protection
January 2018, Electrical Power & Protection

Becker Mining’s Proloc and ProBeck electronic protection and control relays have been designed for motor protection and cable theft detection in diverse industries, including mining and quarrying, electrification, ...
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Becker Mining attracts interest at SAIMM conference
November 2017, News

Becker Mining South Africa’s exhibit at the recent SAIMM Proximity Detection and Collision Avoidance Systems in Mining Colloquium 2017 conference in South Africa attracted interest from many key players ...
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