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Compressed air drying and monitoring
May 2024, Pneumatics & Hydraulics

Artic Driers manufacturers the Sahara low dewpoint, heatless pressure swing air dryers with SANS 347 pressure code. These desiccant-rich pressure dryers comfortably obtain pressure dewpoints of -40°C.
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Compressed air monitoring reduces power wastage
Technews Industry Guide: Sustainable Manufacturing 2023, Pneumatics & Hydraulics

Air compressors are a major consumer of power, much of which ends up as air leaks in the factory distribution system. Energy is easily wasted by poorly performing air compressors that waste electricity and do not have rated air flow rates. Energy wastage is not sustainable and escalates production costs.
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Dry compressed air by design
November 2022, Motion Control & Drives

A new model has been added to the broad range of desiccant air dryers manufactured by Artic Driers in South Africa. The SA97 air dryer is capable of drying 1,8 m3/min of air to -40°C at 7 bar. It is ...
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Increase profits by monitoring your compressed air
April 2022, Pneumatics & Hydraulics

To find leaks is one thing, but quantifying the volume of air leakage and the associated costs is quite another.
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Use compressed air efficiently
Technews Industry Guide: Sustainable Manufacturing 2021, Pneumatics & Hydraulics

To attain sustainability, one of the areas that needs great attention is compressed air efficiency within the plant.
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Refrigeration compressed air dryers
January 2020, Pneumatics & Hydraulics

The R Class range of compressed air refrigeration dryers and RSXW chemical adsorption dryers have consistently low dew points, with an attractive entry price and a low cost of ownership once in operation. ...
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Long range wireless communication for air instrumentation
Technews Industry Guide: Industrial Internet of Things & Industry 4.0, Industrial Wireless

Artic Driers in association with Suto iTEC of Germany have launched a long range wireless communication system for the comprehensive range of compressed air instrumentation marketed by Artic. Wireless ...
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Air instrumentation solutions ­reduce costs
September 2018, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

The cost of compressed air equipment is ever-increasing and the need to economise on equipment and power consumption has become critical. Suto-iTec Germany, available locally through Artic Driers International, ...
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Phase Change Material (PCM) compressed air dryer launch
July 2018, Motion Control & Drives

The incessant need to reduce energy consumption is an ever present fact for all plant engineers. It is estimated that compressed air production and compressed air treatment amount to approximately 30% ...
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A unique compressed air dryer
June 2018, Pneumatics & Hydraulics

The design of any air dryer is critical to its life span, with many, especially the smaller types for air compressors with capacities from 0,38 to 1,5 m³/min built to a price. There are a number of components ...
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How to extend your filter element life
July 2017, Motion Control & Drives

High quality inline filter casings and the elements they contain, are an essential part of compressed air treatment. They are the primary defence for removing condensed water, particles, oils and vapours ...
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Your compressed air treatment solution
Africa Automation Fair 2017 Preview, Pneumatics & Hydraulics

Artic Driers International’s range of compressed air treatment equipment covers refrigeration and chemical adsorption dryers, after coolers, high quality filtration, condensate management systems, condensate ...
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