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Electronic pressure switch for hygienic applications
May 2023, Pressure Measurement & Control

WIKA’s PSD-4 electronic pressure switch is the universal solution for industrial automation tasks, especially in hygienic applications and under harsh conditions.
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Wake frequency calculation online tool
March 2023, Temperature Measurement

WIKA now provides the wake frequency calculation for thermometer thermowells in a web-based version.
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Extending service life to the maximum
February 2023, Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

When it comes to process instrumentation, companies attach great importance to a long service life. A growing number rely on external support to achieve this. In the past, such services were mainly concerned with calibrating the measuring instruments.
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WIKA Group invests in LoRaWAN
January 2023, News

The WIKA Group is making a strategic investment into LORIOT AG, an IIoT company that provides solutions enabling long-range IIoT networking.
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WIKA earns certification to ISO nuclear standard
November 2022, News

The company has been certified by TÜV SÜD in accordance with the ISO 19443:2018 quality management standard for civil nuclear projects.
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Submersible pressure transmitters
October 2022, Pressure Measurement & Control

WIKA’s IL-10 and LF-1 hydrostatic level probes are not influenced by foam or debris on the surface that might give false readings to other level monitoring devices.
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Ultrasonic flow meter for custody transfer of gases
September 2022, Flow Measurement & Control

The FLC-UFL provides comprehensive flow and diagnostic information on the local display and remotely via a PC software interface, enabling real-time data logging and condition monitoring.
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Pressure transmitter for pharmaceuticals
August 2022, Pressure Measurement & Control

WIKA designed a package of solutions based around the UPT-20, which met all the requirements of the API synthesis process via specific adaptations.
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Level measurement – now with Bluetooth
July 2022, Level Measurement & Control

The instrument’s description, TAG number, and 0% and 100% marks can be configured via an app on a smartphone or tablet.
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3-point pressure calibration in 10 seconds
June 2022, Pressure Measurement & Control

WIKA’s CPC3050 comes in high-pressure and low-pressure versions with customisable ranges, a 10:1 range limit ratio and auto-ranging.
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Five reasons for force measurement
May 2022, Editor's Choice, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Wika takes a closer look at the measured variable of force and gives five reasons to show why force measurement is of particular importance.
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Tubeskin thermocouple assembly
April 2022, Temperature Measurement

The proprietary thermal shield design of the Tefracto-Pad is a patent-pending WIKA innovation in several countries.
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