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From the editor's desk: Legacy upgrades and the Frankenstein problem
November 2021, News

In his article this issue, contributing editor Gavin Halse makes the point that any manufacturing company about to commit to a legacy control system upgrade must be awake to the problems of interoperability, ...
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From the editor's desk: PID controllers and smart production line configuration
October 2021, News

In his article this issue, control loop expert Michael Brown tackles the subject of PID controllers, and how these are most definitely not all created equal. For many automation engineers, proper tuning ...
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From the Editor's Desk: RFID in track and trace applications
September 2021, News

Like a few other technologies of the fourth industrial era, radio frequency identification (RFID) has been around for some time. Now though, thanks to falling costs and improved reliability, it is fast ...
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From the editor's desk: Manufacturing CIOs must confront new challenges
July 2021, News

Disruption is driving change in many areas and the manufacturing industry is no exception. Globalisation has increased competition, which is forcing manufacturing companies to find new ways to reduce ...
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From the Editor's desk: Bryan Baxter talks cybersecurity
August 2021, News

This month, SA Instrumentation and Control welcomes Bryan Baxter to the editorial fold. Bryan, a 20-year IT Industry veteran, recently joined Wolfpack Information Risk where his extensive knowledge of ...
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Foreword: Automation and OPC UA key to sustainable manufacturing
Technews Industry Guide: Sustainable Manufacturing 2021, News

According to the USA’s National Council for Advanced Manufacturing, sustainable manufacturing is the creation of products through processes that are non-polluting, conserve resources, and are economically ...
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From the editor’s desk: Google partnership brings OT and IT closer together
June 2021, News

The recent announcement by Siemens and Google Cloud that the two will cooperate to develop AI-based solutions for manufacturing combines the best of both the OT and the IT worlds. As an industrial automation ...
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From the editor's desk: Quantum sensors might soon be commercially available
May 2021, News

In 1927, at a conference in Brussels, a new theory burst onto the scene. The literati of the day’s theoretical physicists had gathered to hammer out an accurate description of the nature of matter on ...
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From the editor's desk: Sustainability – the holy grail of digital transformation
April 2021, News

As we head into our post-pandemic future, one of the morals we are left with is the importance of sustainability in business. So, while industry leaders ponder how best to incorporate sustainability into ...
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February 2021, Valve & Automation, News

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From the editor's desk: Automating the food supply chain now a priority
February 2021, News

While the world rests in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic, maintaining an efficient food supply chain has become progressively more difficult. Given that social distancing and other health and safety ...
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From the editor's desk: Hardwired to survive, can we beat coronavirus in 2021?
January 2021, News

According to the Smithsonian, it was around four million years ago that our earliest ancestors broke the evolutionary mould and walked upright for the very first time. Over the course of the next few ...
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