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Control loop bonanza issue
March 2005, News

If there is one thing that should have become quite clear to anybody reading this magazine over the last half-decade or so, it is that there is a general lack of `feel' for what happens in control loops ...
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Bhopal, 20 years on - could it happen here?
September 2004, News

December 2004 is the 20th anniversary of the Union Carbide ‘accident’ in Bhopal, India. A methyl isocyanate leak immediately killed 8000 people and subsequently more than 20 000 deaths and 500 000 injuries have been directly attributed to the disaster that has been described as ‘The Hiroshima of the chemical industry’. Following on from last week's tragic accident in Secunda, we ask, "Could this happen in South Africa?"
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Issue highlights and software wars
August 2004, News

This month's issue    Staying with the smart new style that we began using in the last issue, we have a tidy magazine that includes the usual good stuff. Some highlights include:    * Valve and Automation's ...
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Free subscription to Motion Control
June 2004, News

We are offering a 12 month FREE subscription to qualified readers
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Technews' first issue of Motion Control
May 2004, News

Readers of the April issue of SA I&C will have read that Motion Control was recently acquired by Technews and has been positioned as a sister publication to SA Instrumentation and Control. Headed up and ...
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Current trends in data acquisition
March 2004, Data Acquisition & Telemetry

Referring to connectivity the survey identifies RS232 as the leading protocol at present but sees USB as being the preferred connection by 2007 with Ethernet being second and RS232 and RS485 becoming less popular and GPIB disappearing altogether
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