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Thermal mass flowmeters to ATEX standards
November 2002, Flow Measurement & Control

Fluid Components, represented here by Protea Automation Solutions, has just announced that they have received ATEX approval for their ST98 range of thermal dispersion flowmeters and their FLT93 range ...
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Two-year product warranty for instrumentation products
November 2002, Pneumatics & Hydraulics

For close on 50 years Fairchild has been a leading authority in the manufacture of high-quality precision pneumatic, electropneumatic controls and power transmission products. Its growth stems from the ...
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From the Sandton summit, to clear air
October 2002, News

Now that we can move about Sandton without falling over a policeman, being mesmerised by a myriad of police cars, or sneezed at by a horse, it would be well to reflect on the outcome of all the chats ...
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I/A series intelligent pressure transmitters
October 2002, Pressure Measurement & Control

Foxboro's I/A Series pressure transmitters combine field-proven silicon strain-gauge technology with simplified, advanced packaging to achieve high reliability and durability in an intelligent transmitter. ...
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2-wire electronic pressure switch
October 2002, Operator Interfaces, Switches & Relays

The One-Series family of 2-wire electronic pressure switches comprises a programmable pressure switch that provides a cost-effective solution for many applications that require both a switching and programmable ...
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Solid-state contactors and thyristors for any loads
October 2002, Motion Control & Drives

One of the advantages of the Eurotherm 7100 range of solid-state switching devices is that it is available for simple resistive loads, short wave infrared (SWIR) loads, or virtually any load including ...
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Emission monitoring for Durban refinery
September 2002, Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

A major crude oil refinery in Durban is taking delivery of a SICK-Maihak SO2 cross-stack analyser which will be mounted in-situ in the stack to monitor the sulphur dioxide (SO2) content being released ...
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Buoyancy/interface transmitters
August 2002, Level Measurement & Control

Foxboro buoyancy/displacement transmitters employ the Archimedes principle, whereby a buoyant force is exerted on a displacer suspended in a liquid. Available from Protea Automation Solutions, these highly ...
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Flexible and secure data acquisition unit
August 2002, Data Acquisition & Telemetry

Eurotherm Chessell's latest data acquisition instrument - the 5000B, is designed for maximum security of data and for flexible functionality. Available from Protea Automation Solutions, it has 143 MB ...
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Monitoring phosphate for Johannesburg sewage
September 2002, Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

Protea Automation Solutions has been awarded a R2,5m contract for the supply of 14 Tytronics analysers which will be installed in different water treatment plants within the Johannesburg Water area. The ...
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Dust measurement values centralised
July 2002, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Monitoring and controlling dust levels in a plant area is of considerable importance. The health of the worker, the general cleanliness of the plant area, the abrasive affect on the plant machinery and ...
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Vibration level limit switch for powders and granules
July 2002, Level Measurement & Control

Protea Automation Solutions market a device used for level monitoring in all types of containers and silos. It can be used with all powdery and granulated bulk materials that do not show a propensity ...
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